from Jacob

Dear Auntie Helga,

I thought you, and maybe your readers would enjoy reading my story.

I grew up in the '70s and when I was 8 my mother remarried and we moved to a neighborhood that had very few boys and none my age. They were either 4 or younger or 14 or older, but their were plenty of girls my age and they were willing to play with me.

After about 6 months, Dawn, the 8 year old girl who lived next door to me and was my best friend, changed my life forever. She called me on the phone and told me that she and a couple of friends were going to the park and I should come over. I ran over and saw Angie and Kelly were over their and the three girls all had on navy blue sailor dresses, Dawn said to me, "We all decided to dress the same, but don't worry, we thought of you to." She motioned to her bed and I saw on it another sailor dress, white knee high socks, a pair of saddle shoes and a pair of white cotton panties.

I looked at the girls again and saw they were all wearing saddle shoes and white knee high socks, and assumed they all had on white panties as well. "The dress is mine from last year," Kelly said, she was taller then the rest of us, "and the shoes are an old pair of Angie's, they should fit you. The socks and panties are Dawn's." Dawn and I both blushed at this.

I didn't want to wear a dress, but the girls really wanted this and went to the trouble of getting my outfit to match theirs so I stripped off my clothes to my underwear, then modesty struck and I picked up the panties and ran to the bathroom and put them on then came back and put on the socks,shoes and dress. Dawn fixed my longish hair in a kind of girls style and put a couple of clips in it and I passed as a girl with shorter hair.

I had so much fun at the park that forgot that I was wearing a dress and had to be reminded that I needed to change my clothes before going home. After that on weekends that spring Dawn would have me wear girls clothes when we went to play, and as I lived next door to where I was changing my mom and step dad soon saw me in my dresses.

One day at the beginning of Summer vacation I was coming home from the park in a sundress and my mom was waiting for me with Dawn's mom, she took my hand and led me home and asked if I wanted dresses of my own, thinking I was in trouble, my face lit up at this and I said yes. Mom said wait by the car and went to get my step dad and the 3 of us went shopping, me still in a sundress and sandals.

I was so happy on that shopping trip, I not only got play dresses and panties and shoes and socks, I also got skirts, tops, shorts and nighties and sleep shirts and clips to do up my hair. Mom was making sure she had everything when dad picked up a pink bikini and said, "he will need something to swim in." So mom got me two bikinis and a one piece swim suit for the summer.

We went home and dad got an old dresser out of the basement and cleaned it up and I had two dressers in my room, one had my boys underwear, shorts and pjs and the other had my panties, nighties and girls shorts. Mom also took my jeans out of my closet and folded them and put then in my "girls dresser" so I had room in my closet to hang up my blouses and dresses and skirts.

From then until I was about 13 I wore girls clothes almost exclusively when I wasn't in school, and always slept in my nighties or night gowns, as this was the '70s, I got to wear baby doll nighties that were appropriate for young girls to wear, and I just loved how the top matched the "panty bottoms" it really made me feel pretty. Even after 13 I would still sleep in my girls sleep wear and would wear panties a lot, but I liked girls and found girls wouldn't date boys who dressed as a girl, but I would still dress as a girl sometimes with Dawn.

When I went away to college I stopped wearing girls clothing all together. After I met my future wife and it was obvious that I wanted to marry her Dawn, who I was still friends with, took it on herself to tell her how I used to dress as a girl. When my wife confronted me about this I told her it was true, and showed her my childhood pictures of me dressed as a girl, she asked if I missed it and I said I did. She then kissed me and told me she would love to see me dressed as a girl.

My wife and I have been married for 20 years now and I have slept every night of our marriage in female sleep wear and have worn panties everyday, and most days when I come home from work and put on a dress and start to cook dinner.

Wearing girls clothes has never been a punishment for me, it has always been a joy. I hope you enjoyed the story


Thank you for your letter Jacob. I enjoyed reading about your childhood very much as I'm sure our faithful readers did as well. You were so fortunate to have such a wonderful and open minded family, your wife is amazing, and it all started with some playful girls, what a fantastic journey.

Auntie Helga

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