from Derek

Dear Auntie Helga,

I like your website and have been reading it for several months with letting my wife know so I can learn as much as possible. I also like looking at the pictures by Castres with the women wearing pointed bras, having small waists, long skirts and very high heels. I showed my wife a couple pictures with her having the type of figure that can pull it off. On the weekends she started to dress similar to the women in Castres section and it really turned me on. Women who dress like those pictures look so dominant and powerful. My wife asked me why I like those pictures and when she dresses in a similar way so I let her know about the dominant appearance. She asked me if I wanted her to be dominant to let me enjoy the whole experience so I let her know it might be fun if she wanted to do it but if not no problem. Mary agreed to try it out the following weekend as long as I was willing to do my part so she didn't feel stupid getting dressed and have me not want to play along.

What I didn't know then but I know now is Mary looked at more than just the picture of the dominant woman. She focused on the husband in pink and decided to do the same with me while I wanted her to be dominant. Before I knew it the weekend rolled around with Mary checking with me to see if I wanted to play like we agreed the weekend earlier. Not wanting to go back on my word but at the same time not sure what Mary was up to I agreed as she went to get changed. Mary came back looking more dominant than before carrying a riding crop. I started to say no way I didn't agree to weapons too. Mary laughed telling me I agreed to play as she snapped the riding crop across my ass. Again I tried to get Mary's attention and point out she was going too far when she snapped my ass again telling me to go take a bath.

Guarding my ass from Mary I ran to get undressed and jump in the tub. Mary passed me 2 razors and shaving cream ordering me to shave myself from face down and to be sure to shave it all off just like the pictures I was looking at this past week. Mary knew I was looking at sissymaids somehow. I shaved my face and the rest right down to my toes with Mary checking on me with her riding crop in hand.

When I was finished Mary took me by the ear to the bedroom where I saw a bed full of women's clothes. Mary gave me a plastic chastity device ordering me to put it on which took me a while trying to find the right parts. Mary looked at it when I thought it was on right then she locked it putting the keys in her bra. Mary ordered me to get dressed while she watched holding her riding crop. Part way through she stepped in to make adjustments and help me until I was dressed in the French maid costume. Mary ordered me to put the high heels on and do up the straps.

Each time I tried to talk Mary snapped her riding crop ordering me to shut-up. I wanted a dominant wife she said and I was going to play my part. Auntie Helga I wasn't sure if Mary was kidding me and decided not to press her to find out. It looked like Mary discovered my interest in Mistresses and she was taking an interest in having a sissymaid. Mary checked me over telling me to pull my stockings up higher before sending me to the laundry room. A few minutes later I was running the washing machine with Mary and her riding crop watching me sort the next load of laundry. I asked Mary if I could speak which she agreed so I only asked what she wanted me to do next. Mary smiled sensing I was learning to do what she ordered and not complain about something I wanted to do.

By the time the weekend was over I had cleaned the house and finished the laundry. On Monday morning life returned to normal with me heading off to work and Mary kissing me good bye. It was like Mary flipped a switch back to my wife again and not my Mistress. Auntie Helga as we go into another weekend my fear is Mary the Mistress will be back and I will be back in the French Maid costume. My questions Auntie Helga are do you think Mary will be happy with life as a weekend Mistress and me as her weekend sissymaid? Mary won't be home for a while as she is working late so am I to expect I am a weekend sissymaid and go shave my body again? Do I assume Mary wants me to be dressed and ready when she comes home or do I wait to find out?

I love Mary and love the dominant look she created for me but not so sure I love Mary as a Mistress. What do you suggest I do to not only make Mary happy but me too?


Thank you for your letter Derek. How nice to hear from you and thank you for your kind words about my site. That is so nice to hear that Castre's work was inspirational. Things can change from play to reality pretty quick and you never really know how someone will react when given this kind of power. I really have no idea if she will be the Mistress of your dreams again, but it wouldn't surprise me. Shaving is up to you at this point, don't assume anything, she will let you know I suspect. Too soon to say about making her happy.

Auntie Helga

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