from Nora

Dear Helga,

I would like to say Petticoat Discipline Quarterly is quite the website packed full of information I have never seen before. Life at home with my son may have a place in your world however I would like to run it past you first. My son lives with me even at age 22 he can't leave home and miss out on mom's cooking. He is a good boy unlike some we hear about on the news every day. I taught him how to look after himself along with earning his way at home so I don't get stuck with all the work.

It was a few months back when I was teasing Mark about the good job he does with cleaning, laundry and ironing which we take turns doing. He played a joke on me by putting on a pair of my panties over his shorts and one of my bras telling me to call him Mark the maid. We use the maid term often making a joke who will be the maid this week type of thing. With me seeing Mark in my panties and bra I made a joke about buying him a maid uniform and a pair of shoes and he would be all set. We both went on about our business with me thinking more about having Mark wear a maid uniform when helping me.

That was before I found Petticoat Discipline Quarterly and realized my idea wasn't that farfetched. Helga from what I read most sissymaids are forced into that life by their mother or wives. What do you think about my Mark wearing a maid uniform and someday becoming a sissymaid? Is that possible or does it work better when a boy or man is forced into it? Mark might just be a cute sissymaid or at the very least my son maid if there is such a thing. He is a good boy with good work ethic which is why formalizing him some by having him wear a maid uniform night be good for him.

Helga what do think?


Thank you for your letter Nora. You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful son though I suspect that wasn't the first time he put on your panties. I suppose you could form that opinion since the majority of published information would indicate that being a sissymaid is forced when in fact it is probably just as common that it is the husband/son that initiates it.

As you might imagine I am all for him becoming your sissymaid, voluntarily or otherwise, the way it succeeds is by being a strong Mistress and instituting proper training.


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