from Ms Susan

Dear Helga,

It is an honor to have an artist such as yourself, with the expertise and adeptness in the practice of feminization that you possess take the time to reply to our letter. As a fellow practitioner in what I like to call 'The way of the panties', I would love to hear some of you ideas on how I can further improve my little sissy's disposition. For although you would be pleased to see how girlishly giddy Missy got when I read it to him, I could also see a slight hesitance in his watering eyes over the idea that someone else might read of his plight. A remnant I suspect of the last vestige of his former male pride which obviously needs crushing if he is to be the perfect prissy pansy princess that I long for him to be. One who has absolutely no qualms about servicing myself as well as the real men I introduce into our lives.

Not that he hasn't come a long way on the road to becoming a shining example of effeminate servitude, however he still has a tendency to think about things before bending the knee and genuflecting in submission to the task appointed. I am proud to say however that he does automatically curtsy out of instinct whenever he enters a room or meets someone in the market or at work who addresses him. Both situations being exampled be an incident that occurred just the other day at the office. At this point most of the local regular clients of the agency have had multiple run ins with the new Johnnie turned Joanie. However with the coming of spring the snow birds returning from Florida, who haven't been in since last fall when my husband was still the senior partner and very manly looking in his Brooks Brothers suits, have been quite taken back upon being greeted by Missy Sissy in his secretarial skirts and blouses replete with the effeminate bouffant of permed curls and rosy tinted lips he favors these days. Especially those businessmen types that formally had played golf with him and shared a cocktail afterwards in the clubhouse lounge. A shocked opening look that will typically become a bemused smile when Missy curtsies at their feet and lisps, "How nice to see you Mr. So in So how may I be of service", as opposed to the "Great to see you again Bill, Brad or Joe", coupled with a "How's the golf game been."

An opening that will typically engender questions along the lines of, "What the hell happened to you?", which are quite often followed up with the observation, "I never would have taken you to be a gay or a sissy." Although in this politically correct age they will usually add, "Not that that is a problem" or "To each his own." Although this in turn is also usually accompanied by a snickering grin that bespeaks what they really think of the situation. A reaction that always leaves Missy with a scarlet red complexion and a stammering demeanor, quite often accompanied by some watering at the edges of his mascara covered eyes. At the same time he will usually get so flustered that he will nervously curtsy once or twice more while whispering, "Thank you sir for being so understanding", which will usually lead to an even broader smile or outright guffaw on the part of the client. It is only then that I will step in and rescue Missy by leading the client into my office while sending my emasculated spouse to get them a coffee.

Well this past Thursday just such a confluence occurred when Mr. Joshua W. stopped in. A man who has not only been a long time client, but who also was one of Johnnie's oldest friends and golf buddies going back to when they were both jocks at the same high school. So you can well imagine the exchange that happened when Josh walked in to find Johnnie curtseying at his feet attired like one of the girls in their old high school to the girlishly gushing lisping tune of "Oh how good it is to see you sir". For as providence would have it Missy was attired that day in a short sleeved gossamer silken see through blouse that showed forth the top of the pettislip he had on underneath it. Which when coupled with the flouncy navy silk bow tie adorning Missy's neck and the navy blue jumper with its pleated skirt, accessorized with white nylon knee socks and a pair of patent leather pumps in navy blue, looked for all the world like the uniform the girls all wore at their parochial high school.

Upon first seeing Missy in all his effeminate schoolgirl attire Josh figured it was some kind of practical joke. However his bemusement quickly turned to first shock and then anger as the reality set in as Missy with skirts held wide in his painted fingertips practically kissed his feet in the process of greeting him. Thoughts that became further infused with despisal when upon seeing Johnnie's pink encapsulated privates he was informed that his former friend wasn't even half the man he appeared to be, as evidenced by the fact that bell ringing ball sack cloaked in his snow white panties was also a sham.

Emotions that were ratcheted up all the more when he further learned from Johnnie's own lips, by way of the stern look that I gave him not to try and minimize the extent of his emasculation by trying to hide the fact that my hubbies real testicles now hung from his curl kissed ears. Silver coated souvenirs of his gelding which came replete with dainty bells at the ends that chimed a death knoll for any chance of his return to his former manly status. A revelation which I am proud to say that left Missy helplessly sobbing aloud in utter humiliation (even more so then any spanking could) over the revelation of the depths to which his former faux masculinity had been taken in the last several months. All of which only exacerbated the feelings of ridicule and abhorrence that Josh suddenly felt towards his supposed friend, generated by the notion that the man he thought was his macho compatriot all the ensuing years had so selfishly betrayed him by hiding his true self.

Adding to the mix was the fact that it was no secret that Josh had always had a crush on me. What neither of them knew however was that while Josh wasn't the kind of man I wanted to spend my life with, he did have a kind of raw masculine magnetism that that I had always wanted to explore. When Johnnie and I married that all seemed to fade into the sunset, however with the recent changes in our relationship Josh's visit opened the door to a whole new possibility to rekindle lost opportunities. For although I still have no desire to make it a permanent scenario, the chance to revisit 'what might have been' was not something I was going to pass up.

So it was that when Missy entered my office it was to the sight that Joshua's opening hug of greeting had turned into a lingering kiss that bespoke the fact that we both still harbored ideas of exploring what might have been. It was at this point that Missy exhibited the reticence I spoke of earlier in terms of his lingering facade of masculinity, when I informed him that I would be meeting with Josh over dinner that evening to discuss his portfolio and that I would need his assistance in preparing for it. For although Johnnie has become slightly air-headed and then some as of late, in keeping with the feminizing I have determined is in his and my own best interest, he still recognized that what I was saying was that i would need his assistance in my further exampling him to the world as a hapless emasculated cuckold. A reluctance I recognized immediately for what it was, a lingering hope and pride in a moribund claim to masculinity by way of the fact that he hesitantly began stammering instead of instantly curtseying and saying "Yes mam".

To that end I determined that Johnnie needed to die another death to self by becoming an appetizer, even though Josh was more than willing to wait until that evening for the main course. A course correction i first addressed with a finger beckoning command that Missy assume the position over my knee for a course correcting skirt raised / panty lowered spanking. After which I let it be known that I had to see to other matters including reservations at the Country club's restaurant for that evening, but that in the meantime my sissified insignificant other needed to see to the immediate needs of our very special client in whatever form or method that Mr. W. deemed necessary.

A directive that I am proud to say Missy did not hesitate a second time in seemingly desiring to comply with, as he not only uttered 'An as you wish' response, but he also proved the mettle of his sissified status in life when upon returning some ten minutes later I found him on his knees in front of a depanted Josh with a broad smile on both their faces. With the evidence of Joshua's pleasuring on my husband's red lips, coupled with a lipstick trail that encircled Mr. W.'s manhood. Nonetheless I also knew that Missy's initial reluctance to leaving the Johnnie in himself dead and buried was something that still needed further addressing.

In the meantime I promise to send another update in the near future describing Missy's further adventures as my girl Friday and upstairs maid, by regaling you and your readers with the tale of how Johnnie went from former macho male compatriot to compliant Missy Sissy the sissified submissive when called upon to fluff Josh up for me later Thursday evening in his capacity as my emasculated cuckold.

Please keep up the good fight in letting womankind know that it is us females who are better suited to run things, and that as such the male of the species in general, with the exception of what I call the male bimbo studs needed to meet our biological needs, should embrace the chance to become our simpering skirt swishing sissified servants.

Ms Susan and Missy Sissy

Thank you for your letter Susan. Her transition to full realization of her true sissy self will serve as a perfect lesson to our sissy readers while it will also serve a larger purpose, inspiring other wives to do the same. And thank you so much for your kind words, you're too kind. It is only by publishing letters from strong confident women such as yourself that PDQ can continue to grow and influence others seeking answers.


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