I was thirteen at the time and we lived a long way from any other house. It was summer and school was out for the summer. I went to my mother and she knew I was sad about something but not why. I sat on the swing and trying to understand why I was feeling like I was at the time. I did not want to be a boy. I was quiet as mother came up on me. Mother asked what was the matter with me. Since I was at my Mother's house that my father had left us there. I got the point they were divorcing and mother and my brother Tom had known for a while. I began to cry since I knew now that we would not be able to go to town for a while.

Mother knew for some time that I wanted to be a girl. Why would I want that I thought for a few days. She asked me to come to the house and told me that I would be OK. I walked with her to find what she wanted. When we arrived she took me to my bedroom. I saw a very pretty pair of panties laying on the bed and on a hanger hanging from a nail in the wall was a straight dress that was short. She pulled me to her and hugged me and said you do want to be a girl don't you (she called me by my girl name that I had written in my day log) as I heard her say it for the first time my arms tingled, I drew in a breath and smelled the early morning air. In the distance one could hear a cock crow a couple of times. I looked deep into mothers eyes hoping to see that she agreed with me.

She slid the tee shirt off my arms and down my skin. Then she knelt and pulled my male underpants which would be the last time I would wear them. A shiver went down my spine. The Satin material of the panties moved up my legs and over my butt cheeks. It would not be the last time. Just then Susan my friend who had known for some time of my desire to switch. She walked up behind me and my brother Tom looked on as his brother became his sister. The dress slipped down the hanger and over my head and slide down my body.

That was the new birth of my life as a female. Did I have the change? No but I knew I would never go back. Mother took the lipstick from my purse and touched it to my large lips. The color slide over my mouth and the eye shadow made my eyes and the rouge soft on my cheeks.

Was I a girl already the answer is only one as I feel so I am. Ricky came into the room and walked to me. He engulfed my lips into his and he embraced my body. I was his from now on. Everyone left except Ricky and myself. My name was from that day forth Shyenne.

I am the property of Ricky and I am so glad he wants me, I want him forever. In our ways we have a thing we do when a male becomes a female and have our lives as one. Ricky told me to take off my clothes. I watched as he removed his belt. I knew I had to endure this to become his woman. The sting of his belt tagged my ass thirteen times and one for his pride. We then went into the back room and spent the night making love in every way he wanted. I was lost in the excitement of the moment.

I will make a living or him at the local truck stop. I want to please him everyday.

Thank you if you post this.


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