I had a mean streak in me and I would be so bad at times I would hit others even girls. I was fifteen when I met Jackie. Jackie was about my height and she was sort of big for a girl. Well one day she got mad because I called her a pissy as* girl. She grabbed me and pulled me to her and as we were face to face she asked me to repeat what I had said. I was shaking like a leaf but I repeated it. She said do you think if you were a girl that you would pee your panties. I said no and she said for me to say no Ma'am. Since she was twisting my nipple so bad I was begging to get loose. I said no Ma'am. Jackie asked if I wanted to pee in panties. I saw a look in her eyes that meant for me to say yes Ma'am.

She ran her hand under her school girl skirt and off with her pink cotton panties and she said you want to put these on don't you Sissy. I was so afraid I said yes Ma'am. Of course she made me repeat it four times and louder each time. She let me go and said put them on sweetie. I hurried and removed my pants and underwear. She said now hold them up or all to see. I lifted them up and she made me tell everyone that if they caught me not wearing panties at any time they could tell her and she would make me pee them right hen and there.

She looked me in my face and said now put them on and get up on that wall which went around a unused pool. She made me put them on and I was to walk around the wall and each person that wanted to could give you a swat on your pretty panties can't they Sissy. I said yes. She said yes what Sissy? I said any one who wants to can give me a swat on my pretty panties. When it was done my butt was burning. I tried to rub it but Jackie told me if I did they would do it all over again.

That weekend Jackie showed up at my house and asked my Mom if I could come play with the other girls. Mom said what do you mean other girls? Jackie told her the whole story and mom said well I guess that is why you have been so sweet the last few days. Mom said Jackie do you think all the girls should be dressed for the party. Jackie smiled and off we went to my sister's room. Jackie picked out a top that had a pretty princess on it and then a very very short skirt. Mom said now Jackie you be sure to have Sissy home before dark.

Off we went after Jackie had put a dog collar around my neck. She lead me down the street. Everyone of my friends were laughing and one girl asked if I had peed yet and Jackie said no. Jackie said squat Sissy and pee a lot of you will be sorry. I soaked my panties.

That was the beginning. Not too many years later I ran into Jackie again and she walked over to me as my wife stood by me and she said Hi Sissy. Jackie took time to tell Ann about the days of old. Ann said well I was wondering why he was so nasty to me all the time. Jackie said watch this, she then said squat I almost did not do it but I knew she could still kick my butt. So I squatted and waited until Jackie said pee Sissy. I not only began peeing but I was crying also.

Before she left Jackie gave my wife a pair of her panties which she removed right then and there and wrote her number on them and said if you have a problem call me.


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