from Rosie

Dear Auntie Helga,

It makes me very sad to think my penis is now locked yet I can see and feel it. Mistress told me the cage will be locked until next Sunday so no matter what I say or do her decision is final and I am not to ask again.

I never thought I knew everything about women but now I am told there is so much to learn. Mistress told me I am to keep servicing her until I get it right and beyond. It makes me very horny beyond words when I touch Mistress and perform oral on her so often.

The male inside me wants to have intercourse but that is impossible now.

Mistress did get this strapon I think 2 weeks ago as a gift from a friend I do not know. Mistress likes it but I do not like it at all. I am at a place in my life where Mistress makes all the decisions now. She has taught me to obey without questioning unless the task is a new one.

Tomorrow I am having a laser treatment to my face since Mistress is sick of seeing beard growth on me. She let me know from day one her goal was to force feminize me as I dreamed about. So now when she introduces something new I think in my head it is part of her forced goal.

Helga I do think Mistress is looking for me to surrender in some way while she continues force me more and more. Will Mistress ever get to a point where she is satisfied with me? I am trying so hard now knowing that I have no choice any ways.

I now know that I am destined to be her sissymaid whether I like it or not. Mistress will never give up until I am at a level of her expectations.


Thank you for your letter Rosie. Don't be sad, you now have the opportunity to devote yourself totally to her pleasures without worrying about your little penis, you need to accept this and move on, at least she let you keep it.

Each time you provide oral service you will improve, she will teach you what she wants and how to produce the feelings she desires, learn it, of course it makes you horny, use that as motivation.

How wonderful, removing all that ugly hair, that is so special, isn't it? You do want to become as feminine as possible for her, right? You asked me but she will decide, I can say though it looks like this is for the rest of your life. She will likely never be fully satisfied with your femininity because at the most basic, you are not female and will always need training, mistakes happen and must be dealt with. Sometimes that training comes with pain, either from your cage, your mind or your body, you will learn. Resign yourself to the inevitable.

Auntie Helga

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