from Maid Sarah

Dear Auntie Helga,

I have instructed my husband to set out for your newbies and those considering a future as a maid/sissymaid for their wives, girlfriends, mothers or sisters, his feelings after more than 40 years in service to me.

His femme name is Sarah.

I hope his missive is helpful.

Mistress Carol.

Hello readers. As my divine Mistress has stated above, I have been in her service for more than 40 years, not full time as that would have been impossible with our work and family commitments but rest assured that I have not been allowed to wear anything but panties since April 1979, not even for visits to the doctor, masseur or any other reason. Surprisingly, this has not really caused a problem. Yes it is a little embarrassing for me but most professionals have seen it all before. The only time there was a problem was when I visited a physiotherapist for a lower back massage, Mistress had locked my corset on and I did not have the combination of the lock, which involved the practitioner phoning Mistress and asking for the numbers. So far no problem you might think, however, when she replaced my corset after the assessment, she did it up so tightly that I almost passed out before I reached home.

How did I end up being her feminized slave? Easy, I strayed.

My then live-in girlfriend was very angry with me. We had messed about with dressing up games and she knew that a previous girlfriend had liked me to wear stockings and panties to make love. She gave me a stark choice. Either I agreed to wear panties full time or we were finished. As I was deeply in love with her the choice was easy and even if I had known back then where this simple promise would lead, I would still have agreed.

Well my friends, as you can imagine, it did not end with just those panties. I soon found myself being in stockings when at home too, then came my first bra. Mistress had taken lots of measurements and one Friday evening I was told to put on my stockings and black lace knickers and the matching suspender belt. Then she produced the bra. I have to say it fitted very well as she adjusted it and did it up. I also noticed that it matched the rest of my undies. To this day, Mistress insists that she fits any new bra or corset for the first wearing, this is to reinforce my submission to this alien garment.

A maid's dress followed quite soon as did training in the housework etc. Next disobedience or clumsiness were punished, first by a spanking then with more fearsome implements. I found that the more I wore these feminine garments, the more submissive and pliant I became. I also adored the feeling of the lingerie, the wonderful swish of my skirts and petticoats around my stocking tops.

Bondage was next. Oh my! I had found my heaven, I just loved being bound. The thrill of being helpless in such wonderful clothing, unable to see, move or speak was so exciting, I looked forward to it very much.

Back then my man bits were a more difficult problem to solve than today, there were no CB 2000s or Holy trainers. However my inventive mistress made a variety of leather sheathes that could be locked into place to either prevent or punish unauthorized excitement. Me being a submissive slut, my favourite was the cruellest. This one fitted fine unless I grew, then the rows of tiny spikes inside it would dig into my flesh and cause great discomfort. Well, as you can probably guess, I enjoyed that too.

My greatest joy in life is to serve my divine wife. To make her life easier, to lift from her the burden of chores, the expectations of sex, the mundane things that get in the way of her creativity. She has total freedom in every aspect of her life. If she wishes to take a lover, of either sex, then I will assist as required. If she wishes to take away the frustrations that come about from everyday life by caning, whipping or spanking me, even though my performance as her slave has been good, then I am delighted to submit, knowing that it is her needs that matter.

In return I get to love and adore her. I get to be dressed in sumptuous lingerie and frilly dresses, I get to mince about in 4 inch heels and wear elaborate make-up. I get to be bound and gagged. I do not have to worry about any domestic decisions or what to watch on TV, assuming I have spare time.

Our family do not know the full extent of my feminization, although my teenage granddaughters know that I am in lingerie at all times and that I am punished by Mistress. The youngest, who is at university, is experimenting with dominating her boyfriend. Lucky boy. Our closest friends have all been privy to our lifestyle and Mistress' girlfriends are quite used to being served by her maid.

The first few times were terrifying but after a while it becomes routine, as does answering the door en femme, going out in ladies clothes, although Mistress does not have me in dresses while out and about she is more subtle than that. Normal attire would be, side zip ladies slacks, a blouse or cardigan or twinset. Ladies low heeled loafers or occasionally courts. The twist is that I am 6 feet tall, broad shouldered and Mistress insists that my hair is short and for most of our lives together, that I have a moustache. She wants those that can see to realise that I am her feminized husband not someone trying to be a woman. Sissies can adore all things feminine but women are the divine and we can but aspire to please them.

You will have doubts, you will be scared, you will be humiliated, you will be embarrassed and you will be under her loving authority but I can assure you that the smile of delight on her face as you massage her feet or clear away the dishes is what you will come to live for. Delight in the fabulous clothes you are required to wear, encourage her to be strict and demanding, it will make you a better servant. If she needs to punish you, accept that it is your fault and therefore deserved. Resolve to do better and thank her for correcting you. Remember, she loves you, just as you love and adore her.

Most of all, enjoy your role. You are indispensable, you are the icing on her cake. Always remember she is your Mistress and her word is final, obedience and compliance are your watchwords. Service is your goal.

Maid Sarah.

Thank you for your letter Sarah. What a delightful history and my gratitude to Mistress Carol for allowing you the time to write. Your suggestions for aspiring sissymaids are well reasoned, after all it is about your Mistress, her happiness, pleasure and amusement. There is joy to be found in giving to your loving partner, Sarah says it all very well. Enjoy!

Auntie Helga

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