from Debbi

Dear Helga,

The urge to take control was always part of me in a way however meeting Bart turned me on to it more.

Helga all boys and men love breasts with Bart leading the pack. At anytime during our courtship and marriage if I wanted him to do anything he didn't care to do all I had to do was show him one of my breasts. If I can train Bart to be my sissymaid letting him fondle my breasts as a reward life will be great. What Bart doesn't know is my plan to do exactly that, make him my sissymaid.

Helga thank you for confirming the step by step approach since I prefer that method better. I love your ideas about introducing a few chores why Bart is wearing his panties and bra.

Bart was confused why I wanted him panties when it is a breast fetish he has. So I carefully explained to help him with his love of breasts he gets to wear a bra just like me. Then I went on to explain boxers and bras don't go well together which is why I prefer him in panties.

As a reward I promised to buy him a pair of those silicone boob things which he agreed to wear. When I go shopping later on maybe a second hand house dress or muu muu is in order to help Burt show off his bra. Silly man thinks he looks good wearing his bra under a shirt.

Helga I have work to do before Burt will be considered a sissymaid. If you think of anything based on what I have written so far please jump right in as I don't mind at all.


Thank you for your letter Debbi. Most of the wives I've helped with this, like you, have a strong confident personality and prefer to be in charge. You have done a great job so far. I suppose you must have some wonderful bras to display his desire right? Leather might be good. Perhaps a satin blouse, tight, teasing can't see them but know they're there, he couldn't resist.

It is important that he be taught the proper way to do those chores, after all you will be the Mistress and she your sissymaid, you will want things done perfectly. Of course now it may be something of a game to him but subtly he is learning and doing these things while you relax. Training without drama can work for a lot of this.

Well said about the panties, make them part of your lovemaking, fondle him through the silky fabric, mention how much him wearing them turns you on, how you love to feel his breasts in his pretty bras, all of course meant to reinforce his feminization.


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