from Liz

Dear Helga,

I am so sorry that my naughty husband Jayne, disturbed you the way he did, please forgive me for being so remiss in not making sure that he could not get into my emails, you may rest assured that I have taken steps to make sure it does not happen again. I would also like to thank you for backing up my treatment, and also that of his mother, on my wimpy husband.

The treatment may have seemed harsh for just showing his knickers, but actually, there were several reasons for it, not the least of which was trying to keep the way his mother had kept him in line, from me in the first place. Hardly a great start to a marriage!

His mother Aggie, is a lovely lady, and her training of him has obviously been quite effective: the way he immediately stood with hands on head when I barked the order is ample proof of that. "Mother knows best" as they say.

As for treating him like a baby, well, he was a wet blanket as soon as he saw the clothes, and was bawling his eyes out as he put them on. Also, to make such a fuss at being smacked twice with a plastic ruler, he says he "yelped, and snivelled", but believe me Helga, that was not the half of it.

Then the performance when I whacked his hands, crying and prancing around, though to be fair, I had never come across a tawse before, I was quite surprise when I saw the purple colour of his bottom when I removed his knickers for the second dozen strokes. This was why I only slapped his legs with my bare hand afterwards. Sorry but I must have gone a bit 'soft' on him.

I did think that this first punishment, should be a sign that I would be quite merciless if needed, and when Aggie asked if he had thanked me for helping him, I laid into him with a will, as did she. I don't know if you will agree with me, but with the way he acted, I think that the baby treatment was well and truly deserved.

The thing about all this was that, although he was very much more courteous to Aggie and me for the next few days, come Saturday he was still all about going out with the boys, as though nothing had happened.

The thing with the baby gear was all a bit improvised, but Aggie loved it so, and he did look deliciously ridiculous, so much so that I am looking into buying proper adult baby stuff for him.

For me to dress him in this way is merely meant to bring it home to him, that I am the Mistress of the house, and to re-enforce that he WILL do as I say. As for Aggie, she IS his mother, and whether he likes it or not, he will ALWAYS be her baby.

I have no intention of turning him into a 24/7 baby, for one thing, the thought of soiled adult nappies is something I find quite revolting, but it did mean that, while Aggie checked on him now and again that night, he was quite secure, but out of the way, and out of mischief. This is something that I can use, and I have decided that bedtime for him is to be 7:30. The point here being, that he can hardly be expected to be in bed for 12 or more hours without the need to urinate; so nappies, and rubber sheets are a necessity, as is a dummy to muffle any sobbing. The spare room will be his room from now on, and I am looking to buy a cot for him, preferably with a hinged lid, which I am sure he will find a lot better than being chained and padlocked in his bed, as he is at the moment.

I must admit Helga, that "Married Bliss" is not quite what I had expected it to be, and I'll just bet that Jayne would agree with me, but I am having a lot of fun for the moment, and just because he cannot go out and have fun, does not mean that I can't, which, as it happens, is something that Aggie oddly, seems to wholeheartedly agree with.

Life is strange huh?

Anyway, I should mention that I have shown the Email he sent, to Aggie, so it is possible that you will be hearing from her soon, in the meantime, she has also shown me your PDQ site, which at a cursory look, I found very interesting, you may be sure that I will study it a bit more at length over the next few days.

Thank you for your understanding,

Thank you for your letter Liz. How delightful to hear from you, as you know your sissy husband did write, it happens. Of course your treatment is appropriate and along with her wonderful mother training her to be submissive to you both is the only way forward.

I completely agree that your first punishment of her should make a statement, you are not going to accept any of her nonsense and fully intend to take the same strict approach her loving mother has.

I would love to hear from Aggie and am so pleased to hear that she is a regular visitor, I hope you will be too. Lets correspond further if you like.


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