from Stephanie

Dear Auntie Helga,

Let us start the new year and new decade properly. This letter is for mothers or wives who suspect that their sons or husbands dress in their clothes. Some seem to struggle with what to do. Let me offer my experience, with my mother, so your readers can understand what it taught me.

My attraction to woman's clothing started at age 2 with silk stockings. By the time, I was 12 years old, I was sneaking into my sister's and mother's clothes almost every single time that I was left alone. I would even "play pretend" getting caught by Mommy. I did this by actually tying myself to her bed dressed from head to toe in girl's clothes. The position I tied myself up in was spreadeagled to the 4 corners of Mommy's bed. I did this with ropes that had slip knots to tighten when I pulled on those ropes. I would leave a steak knife by my hand to cut one of my bound wrists free. However, getting free would take several minutes. So for some time, I was quite helpless. I would have been caught if either Mommy or my sister came home from work early. I wanted to be caught and punished by Mommy.

So did Mommy and my older sister know that I was wearing their clothes? Yes - they both knew. Mommy would occasionally question me as to:
  • Did I know why her pantyhose had runs in them from sitting in the drawer?
  • Or why her panties were not folded the same as she left them?
  • Or why her shoes were moved in the closet?
  • Or why her dress was hung differently?
I think she loved watching me squirm as she questioned me. Sometimes my sister would also add to the conversation noting that the same thing was true with her clothes. My mother was a strict dominant mother who kept me under her tight control at all times. If she didn't want me wearing her and my sister's clothes, believe me, she would have stopped it. Her questioning of me was her way of letting me know that she knew. Her not insisting that I stop wearing her and my sister's clothes was her approval to keep dressing up in them. I believe, she chuckled to herself, as she could tell which of her pretty panties, lacy bra's, slips, dresses and high heels her son was dressing himself up in.

I will let the readers themselves decide my mother's interest and motivation. Many, many decades after my being married to the same woman (a true saint), my mother broached the subject with my wife. It was a few years before my mother passed away, My mother asked my wife if I still had a fascination with female attire. She wanted to know if I had quit the special hobby that I had growing up. So her memories and interests were everlasting for her. Therefore, I speak from the true experience of a mother who (a) was afraid to take an active role or (b) was passively involved or (c) was hesitant to take a more active role.

Is the fact that I was not fully petticoat disciplined by mommy a positive or a negative to me? It was a negative for me for almost my whole life. If Aunt Helga, had a poll on your site, I would bet almost all your readers would say the same thing. It taught me to hide, repress, deny, and suppress my inborn natural submissive sexuality.

Some boys and men were born to be dominated, disciplined, and controlled by females. And yes, having it start with Mommy is rather important. Many decades later, I am still haunted by my desire to have Mommy petticoat train and discipline me. Having not been disciplined this way, by Mommy, has been like being placed into a mental prison that I will never escape or fully leave behind. Truthfully, it did more harm than good.

So, my advice to mothers or wives is not to overthink the matter. If your husband or son is dressing in your clothes, they deserve the full treatment from you. And it should be done on at least several occasions. With the prospect of having this done more times in the future. That way, everybody can discover for themselves their real reaction.

We chose to dress this way and now we should fully experience it. Most importantly, our secret and hidden desires should be dealt with. When we put female clothes on, we opened Pandora's box. Our desires should not be hidden, suppressed, repressed, or denied. You will be part of teaching us to deal with who we were meant to be.

The CHRISTEEN images are, for the most part, the perfect metaphor for who I am. My entire submissive desires start with and are centered around being feminized. However, unlike most, I never use the term "sissy" to describe myself.

I believe that being feminized means undergoing total and complete psychological emasculation. Every ounce of male persona, image, ego, and dignity to be surrendered and/or stripped away. We need to be turned into the perfect girl or woman and kept that way.

In my opinion, forced feminization is often misapplied. For me, it is not about forcing a male to dress in your clothes. It is about requiring a male who decides to dress this way, to stay dressed in your clothes, once they have changed into them in front of you. We need to experience the full consequences and impact. Our ability to remove female attire should no longer be our choice. We should be kept this way for an extended period of time.

In my mind, males are the vastly inferior sex and we know it. Therefore we should live as submissives to the superior sex. All males from a sexual perspective are "one and we are done". Almost all females from a sexual perspective are "one just starts the fun". This one undeniable fact proves who is the sexually superior person.

But it is not just the sexual act itself. Once a male has an orgasm we tend to be less attentive and show less interest in pleasing a female. Sexual orgasms change our entire behavior. Therefore, our rightful place is to be fully and completely psychologically emasculated. Plus, we should never be allowed to orgasm without the permission of a female. We need to be kept in a state of constant sexual desire to maintain our attentiveness and desire to please. A chastity device? Perhaps, but for me, by the power of her dominance and her will is far more effective. A stiff male member in pretty panties and a dress is an image that says it all. Much more humiliating that a chastity device.

Our sex pleasure should be regulated towards milking and feeding when the dominant females in our life grant us the privilege of a release. Spanked, bound, whipped, and put on display for others all dressed in female attire for their amusement to reinforce our rightful place. Vagina servitude - absolutely. We should constantly use our mouth to bring her to orgasm and swallow her nectar. A maid or secretarial duties are good roles also. But the most important thing is we should have no say in the matter. Our free will is to be surrendered to her dominance and direction. Serving her desires, no matter what they are or how extreme they are should be our only focus.

Some of us were just born and need to be kept this way. Do others need to know? For me, that form of humiliation is a very important submission that should be part of the discipline. But others do not mean every single person in the world. What happens when you close the front door to the house isn't everybody's business. Nor is it something that necessarily needs to be some taboo secret that is never revealed to anybody.

So hesitant Mom's or reluctant wives, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is ignoring it or pretending that it does not exist cause more harm than good?
  • Are you sentencing your son or husband to live in a mental prison of suppressed, hidden, and forbidden desires?
  • Have you not learned that things that arouse sexually are something we are born with?
  • Do you expect natural in-born sexual desires to just go away?
  • Will you many decades later be seeking to find out if their interests had changed?
  • Will you also be on the outside trying to look in, isolated from an important side, of who your son or husband is?
These are important things to consider and potential consequences.

Perhaps, I will write again in the future about my life long evolution as a feminized submissive. With, of course, your permission. After all, men such as myself ( and your loyal readers) exist to serve females. It is who we are and who we will always be. Doing things without permission is not our right or our place.


Thank you for your letter Stephanie. A very informative description of the consequences you experienced as a result of your mother's failure to petticoat you even though she knew full well you were exploring her wardrobe, now is this really her fault, or did she do what she did because she felt it was the right thing to do for her little boy? For a mother, any mother, to dress her son as a girl is a major decision and yes, it does happen rather frequently, however in your mother's defense, for whatever reason she chose not to do so, accept it.

I hope this letter will help mother's seeking information, maybe they too have noticed their panties out of place, or obvious signs their son is exploring his feminine side with their clothing, though as you might expect, we at PDQ would encourage her to discuss this with him and perhaps discover the joy of petticoating for both of you.

You most certainly have my permission to write again, we look forward to it.

Auntie Helga

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