from Karen

Dear Helga,

John does try to get out of things like any man as we well know. One thing which allows me to get what I want every time so far is the sex. You see what I do is talk to John about how proud I am of his feminine attitude when we are in bed. Letting him know how pretty he looks in a nightgown while he pleasures me works quite well.

So to answer your question about his new uniforms more of the same. I talked to John about a new purchase that many men are wearing and it was to be a surprise. He is not a very curious man so the best I got was a oh ok Karen out of him. Yesterday when I helped him into his new maid uniform John was not sure what was going on however he did look so nice when it was on him.

Before John could start asking questions I held his hand then began to explain how I wanted to make him my sissymaid like so many other women have done. He didn't say anything with a terrified look on his face giving me the clue to continue. John was more concerned about not wearing his favorite dress than anything else. I let him know he was still going to wear his other dresses and more so when we went out together than at home.

Helga the look on his face oh my God. Slowly I explained how it was going to work along with his new role in the house. John asked me if he had to wear a maid uniform and be a sissymaid. As I looked into his eyes while holding his hand I confirmed it was what I always dreamed of for him.

Helga I showed John several pictures of other husbands turned sissymaids while pointing out how happy they looked. I showed John how happy they looked while cleaning, mopping and ironing then asked him if he was going to try hard for me to be a happy sissymaid. John always thought we were going to be girlfriends which I hadn't heard him say before. I let him know we could be girlfriends once a week if he wanted however the rest of the time he was to be my sissymaid.

Helga the ball is in motion which is a good start for John. Today I have him ironing while I do some work at home. It's so amazing to see him standing there in his pretty uniform while ironing my clothes for me. I think we are off to a good start although bumps in the road are to be expected from what other Mistresses have written. Let's see how the weekend goes for my new sissymaid.


Thank you for your letter Karen. I really like the way you explained his new future to him, being a sissymaid can be quite a shock for them, but with plenty of reassurance and a bit of insistence he will understand soon enough his new place.

I know the feeling, watching as he works away at tasks we no longer have to do, our sissymaid does them all, its good to be the queen. You are going to make a fine Mistress and I hope you will stay in touch.


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