By Lesley (and Penelope)

PDM IN THE 21st CENTURY - 2002


This turned out to be a very strange year in the history of PDM/PDQ. Not least because only five issues were published!

January's issue, to be honest, held very little of interest for me. Twelve letters mostly on the subject of "babying" or from willing participants in their petticoating. Not a great deal of "discipline" involved at all. A series of "petticoating posters" submitted by one Marybeth Sandford consisted entirely of petticoated young boys, a subject which has always made me a little uneasy.

February and March continued in a similar vein, though two letters from a new petticoated contributor "Alice" showed promise. A highlight of the March issue was a review of a famous book "The Undergrowth of Literature" by Gillian Freeman. This very well written book covered all aspects of sexual literature and its chapter on Petticoat Discipline, containing many excerpts from classics of the genre, became quite an inspiration for me.

Things certainly looked up from my point of view in April. A long letter from a new contributor, Gillian D, detailing the progressive petticoating of her husband "Doreen", entitled "Petticoat Punishment for Philandering Husband" was superb and very much mirrored my own progress in subjugating my dear Penelope, though for different reasons. Another contributor, Katrin, followed up earlier letters with a third in which he is married to his mistress, this series of letters was starting to look promising.

Gillian D's letter, and its title, raises and interesting point. "Petticoat Punishment" or "Petticoat Discipline", is it the same thing? My view is certainly not. Some of the letters I referred to earlier, notably "Girlie Perm for Wayward Husband", "The Office Girls Revenge" and "Clive's Comeuppance" describe punishments inflicted by petticoating and entirely unwilling male and are clearly intended as one-off humiliation, so intense that the recipient will mend his ways rather than run the risk of receiving anything similar again. "Petticoat Discipline" on the other hand is, to me, where the lady gains control of the relationship by an ongoing regime of petticoating and humiliation which leaves the male with no option but to accept a subservient status. An interesting debating point.

The May issue, which from comments therein was late appearing, held no further letters from previous contributors. Then - nothing!

No further issues were published in 2002. I recall writing to Susan a couple of times and receiving brief replies to the effect that she was finding things difficult and hoped to recommence publication soon but as the year closed, after a 7 month gap I did not expect to see my favourite website updated again. Thankfully I was wrong.

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