Once, I was visiting my former co-worker Lori. She was a tall, dark-haired woman, who, even though she was in her 40's, was still very attractive. I was talking with Lori in her bedroom, when all of a sudden, she said "Oh shoot. I totally forgot. I have to make a phone call. Will you be okay up here?" I said "Sure." She said "Alright, I'll be back in a few minutes."

Shortly after Lori left her room, I started going through her bra and panty drawer. I eventually found a pink padded bra. I pulled it out and examined it. I said "Wow this bra is huge!" I went looking for the tag, and I discovered that Lori wore a size 38B bra. I then removed my shirt, and proceeded to put on Lori's bra.

I couldn't believe how comfortable it was. I then started doing poses and making kissy faces in front of her mirror, when all of a sudden, I heard the door open. My heart sank, because I knew I was caught. She raised her voice and said "Cory, what are you doing?" I turned around, and Lori was standing there, clenching her fists.

Needless to say, I got really scared. She said "Why are you wearing my bra?" I stood there trembling. "Answer me!" she yelled. I said "I was just curious about what it would be like to wear your bra." She said "That's your excuse?" The next thing I know, she gives me a really hard smack across my face.

"That's what you get for wearing my bra without asking, you pervert! I am so mad at you right now, you have no idea. Who do you think you are?" I said "Lori, I'm sorry." She said "No, you're not sorry, but you will be." I asked "What are you going to do?" She said "Alright, I'll tell you what. Put your shirt on over the bra, and go home."

I asked "You're letting me keep the bra?" She said "Yeah I don't want it now that your fat self wore it. Besides, you'll need that bra again soon, so, you might as well take it home. Now get out of my house!" So, I put my shirt on, and left. Later that night, Lori called me and said, she decided what my punishment would be.

However, she refused to discuss it on the phone. She told me to come to her house in two days, and I would receive my punishment. Two days later, I went to Lori's house, and she said "Good, you're early. Are you wearing the bra, like I asked?" I told her I was, and I lifted up my shirt to prove it. She said "Very good, now let's go upstairs."

When we got upstairs, Lori went to her closet and she brought out a big plastic bag, and set it on her bed. She said "Okay, as your punishment, you will be wearing these clothes in front of me and some of your former co-workers." With that, she pulled out an entire ballerina outfit. There was even a pink tutu!

I said "Lori, please don't make me dress like a ballerina. I'll do anything else." She said "No Cory, you WILL be dressing up as a ballerina in front of me and some of your former co-workers, and if you refuse, you'll really be sorry!" So, I reluctantly agreed to dress up like a ballerina. Lori said "Go in the bathroom and put on the ballerina outfit and I'll call up to you when I want you to come down."

So, I got the bag, and I went to the bathroom to put on the outfit. It was so pink and girly. Lori even got me a Bali pink floral print panty to wear. I was almost done putting on the outfit, when I heard everyone start to arrive. A few minutes later, Lori called me to come downstairs. When I got down there everyone started laughing.

I noticed three of my coworkers there. They were Meredith, Meagan, and Jessica. Meagan said "Wow Cory, you look so pretty." Meredith said "I know right? Who knew he was such a pretty girl?" I could feel my face getting really red. Lori then said "Alright, start dancing like a ballerina." So, I started dancing like a ballerina, albeit, not very well.

Everyone got a kick out of how terrible I was at dancing. What made it worse was that during it, Lori described in detail, every piece of clothing I was wearing, including the flower panties. Jessica commented "It makes sense. A pretty girl should always wear pretty panties." Lori then told me to stop dancing.

She turned to everyone and said "I think missy needs a spanking. What do you think?" Everyone agreed that I needed a spanking. So, Lori grabbed me and she sat on the couch and put me over her knee and she started spanking me. During it, I heard people say "Blister that butt," and "Spank missy's booty," among other things.

Lori said that the spanking was additional punishment for what I did. Man, did it hurt! It was a miracle that I didn't cry. After she was done, she said "Alright fat girl, go stand in the corner, with your back facing us." So, I stood in the corner. During my corner time, I was called "Fat girl," "Fatty," and other embarrassing nicknames.

I was also asked embarrassing questions, such as what size bra and panty I wore. At one point, Lori said "Alright there girl, I want you to apologize to me for what you did." So, I apologized to Lori in front of everyone. After I apologized, everyone started to leave. Lori warned me that a worse punishment was in store if I ever wore her clothes without permission again, but she didn't have to worry, because her punishment definitely got the point across.

The End

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