Elizabeth's Report On Her Punishment Regime - Part One

Dear readers, as members of our popular forum already know, Elizabeth is a young woman undergoing long term punishment for her rebellious behaviour. Below is her confession and list of the sanctions imposed as a result of this behaviour.

I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves if the sanctions imposed are appropriate. I will say that so far as I know, this is a true account. Readers are welcome to email her guardian with suggestions for further sanctions.

Auntie Helga

Dear Maam,

I have been instructed as part of my ongoing punishment to write a detailed description of my humiliation, shaming and deserved suffering over my previous weekend. I will begin by describing my many offences, the punishments I was allocated and further punishments I have been given for failing to behave as required whilst I am serving my punishments.

I have been disciplined for over 2 years due to my continual immature and irresponsible behaviour for a young woman in her early 20s with a responsible job as a nurse. I was rude, drank too much, boorish and selfish. I have been disciplined over this period but until 11 months ago my behaviour did not improve. At this point my frequent and disgusting practice of masturbation was discovered which I had been told specifically was forbidden and would be dealt with severely. I was therefore allocated the following list of punishments in December 2018 which included many which were already in place because of my previous misbehaviour:
  • 1. I am locked in a secure chastity belt at all times.
  • 2. My chastity belt is only removed to allow me to take cold showers four times per week under supervision.
  • 3. I must wear a knitted grey woollen vest and knitted grey woollen school knickers with elasticated waist and leg holes at all times including to work.
  • 4. When I am not at work I must wear a school girl uniform, selected for me, at all times including a minimum of two school cardigans.
  • 5. I must wear a minimum of two navy woollen cardigans to work.
  • 6. To bed in addition to woollen underwear I must wear a grey knitted woollen nightgown.
  • 7. To bed and when possible during the day I wear thumbless knitted grey woollen mittens securely fastened in place on my hands.
  • 8. For the first 4 months of my punishment I had to be naked from the waist down except for my chastity belt when in the house.
  • 9. I am grounded at all times except when going to work and may only leave my Aunt's house under supervision at any other time.
  • 10. I must attend Bible Class twice per week, serve refreshments after Chapel and do additional cleaning duties every week at the Chapel.
  • 11. I do all of the laundry and ironing for the household, clean all of the toilets and polish all of the shoes for the household.
  • 12. I have to knit myself woollen knickers, woollen vests and thumbless woollen mittens.
  • 13. I serve regular corner time when my Aunt or others supervising me deem appropriate.
  • 14. I am sent to bed no later than 8:00 pm on week days and 7:00 pm on weekends and frequently much earlier. I have to be ready for bed and in my nightgown and mittens at least 30 minutes before these times.
  • 15. I sleep in the punishment room which has only a single bed with a thin mattress and wool blankets and a desk and chair for sitting at when completing written punishments, such as this, under detention conditions.
  • 16. I am sent to bed without supper.
  • 17. I am subject to frequent and regular inspections of my knickers, including in public if required, by my Aunt, my Mother, my female cousins and others.
  • 18. On Sunday when I am not at work I continue to be under the supervision of one of my cousins who decide what school uniform I must wear and decide my activities for the day such as corner time, written punishments or other activities appropriate for a naughty school girl.
  • 19. I had to appear before the Chapel committee to admit my disgusting behaviour and ask for their view on whether I should be further punished. They decided that I should spend my holidays at the Church residential centre where I spend my time doing supervised menial labour and penitential prayer.
  • 20. I receive a 12 stroke caning to my bare behind every Sunday in front of whoever may be present.
  • 21. I receive regular spankings (at least daily) with whatever implement my Aunt deems appropriate to my bare behind.
  • 22. I have to lie on the floor and have my privates dry shaved every week in front of any of my cousins who may be present.
  • 23. My hair is cut to a length one inch above my ears and at the front it has been shaved back from my natural hairline at least half an inch so that I have a bare forehead. I have it kept in this style at least every two weeks by my Aunt.
  • 24. I have my mouth thoroughly soaped every day.
  • 25. I received six strokes of the strap to the palm and back of each of my hands followed by 15 strokes of the strap to my bare bottom in front of family members.
  • 26. I had to write a description of my punishments and my disgraceful behaviour including details of my self-pleasuring which was kindly shared for public reading by yourself.
I was told that I would serve these punishments for a minimum of at least ten months by my Aunt before she would even consider any modification. She also made it clear to me that even at this time she would then be returning me to the conditions I was serving before discovery of my disgusting masturbation and I would be serving those punishments in full with appropriate modifications to their severity and length to reflect my misbehaviour whilst I was serving them.

Since I began my punishment in December 2018 my behaviour has not met the exemplary standards required and I have received punishment for these offences lasting up to four weeks and always including either the cane and/or strap. In addition my ongoing punishment has deservedly been harshened for failing to behave whilst serving punishment and the following additions made:
  • 1) I am no longer allowed to wear trousers at work and instead I wear a nurse's dress.
  • 2) I was made to knit and crochet and now wear to bed a grey wool bonnet with a scalloped edge and two woollen straps which fasten with buttons under my chin. This is in addition to my wool knickers and vest, ankle length wool nightgown and thumbless wool mittens.
  • 3) I must wear a minimum of three school cardigans when attending Chapel.
  • 4) I receive four stokes of the tawse to the palm and back of each of my hands every week in addition to my weekly 12 stroke caning across my bare behind and frequent spankings.
  • 5) The period for which I must serve my punishments before my Aunt will even consider any modification has been extended by at least a further four months to at least fourteen months
I am deservedly placed in a position where I am always humiliated, made to feel childish, have to wear what I am told, do menial work, constantly restricted and physically punished. It is a further deserved lesson to write a description of my experience last weekend which may be shared publically for my own benefit by being humiliated and made an example of like the naughty child I have behaved as and hopefully in doing so prevent other young women from repeating any part of my depravity and misbehaviour.

At 5 am on Saturday morning my Aunt woke me in the punishment room so that I would have time to do some ironing before my shift started at the hospital. I had to stand in front of her whilst she checked that my grey woollen nightgown was securely buttoned at the neck, my knitted woollen bonnet was securely fastened under my chin and that my thumbless woollen mittens were still tied securely at each of my wrists. Once this inspection was complete she undid the ties securing my mittens at my wrists and told me to strip to my underwear in front of her. It remains, although I experience having my uniform inspected several times each day and I am forced to strip in front of others, deeply degrading to endure inspection.

I removed my mittens, bonnet and nightgown folding them neatly on my low single bed before standing to attention again with my hands by my sides. My Aunt told me to put my hands on my head before proceeding to check that the seams on my grey knitted wool vest and grey knitted wool knickers were straight. This detailed level of inspection makes me feel like I am a child not least because I know that if anything is out of place I will feel the immediate consequences of a spanking to correct my indiscretion. Thankfully on this occasion I was wearing my uncomfortable thick knitted woolen underwear as proscribed. She told me to lower my knickers to my knees, pull up the bottom of my vest and return my hands to my head. This allowed her to check that my chastity belt, which I have now been confined to for almost eleven months, was firmly locked in place around my waist and between my legs. This confinement is the direct consequence of my self-pleasuring during my previous punishment when no longer allowed to meet with men. It is so degrading to be locked in a metal frame which prevents me from touching parts of my own body. If I had known that this would be the consequence of my actions I would never have masturbated as I did.

The inspection completed my Aunt pointed out the school gingham dress, cardigans and ankle socks I was to wear until I went to work and left me to go to the bathroom. I have learned to move quickly as if I was late in arriving in the kitchen to make my Aunt's breakfast I would be punished. I went to the bathroom and used the toilet and quickly washed my hands and face as there was no time to remove my underwear which I had worn all night. Being confined to my wool underwear and thick wool nightgown all night is very uncomfortable and itchy. I dressed in the schoolgirl uniform specified to me. I am dressed as a schoolgirl at all times when I am not at work or in bed. I pulled on the green ankle socks and fastened on the brown rubber soled shoes, followed by a long sleeved polycotton green gingham school dress which I buttoned up before pulling on two grey school cardigans each with green piping and bearing the crest of a local junior school and made sure these were buttoned completely.

I made my bed ensuring the blanket covering my thin mattress and the two blankets which I lie under were neatly tucked in and folded back as required. Finally I checked in front of the full length mirror that my socks were correct with the ribbing straight, my dress was resting just below my knees and that my two round neck school cardigans were pulled down and buttoned. Humiliating though it is to see myself attired as a schoolgirl I have learned it is better to check than suffer the consequences of not being uniformed correctly.

Finally I went downstairs to the kitchen and made tea and toast for my Aunt and myself.

After I had washed up the dishes and my Aunt had checked my uniform I was allowed to iron the large pile of laundry which I had waiting. I have to change all of the beds every week which means I have five full loads of sheets as well as all of the clothes from six people including myself to launder and iron every week. I performed my ironing in silence in the kitchen for an hour before my Aunt said I could go and change for work.

Whenever I am doing any work either at home or work I suffer the discomfort of not being allowed to wear a bra like a young woman but instead being confined to a vest like an immature little girl. This is accentuated by the fact my vest is one I have knitted from coarse and itchy wool which does not support my breasts and rubs incessantly against my skin. I returned to the punishment room and stripped off my school uniform folding all of the items neatly before dressing in my nurse's uniform. I kept on my grey knitted wool vest and grey knitted woollen knickers which I must wear night and day as an ever present penance so that I am never able to forget the consequences of my poor behaviour.

I stepped into my blue dress and zipped it up. I used to wear scrubs to work but after I failed inspection by having the two cardigans I must wear unbuttoned at work and tried to make excuses for this I had this privilege removed which means I am always in a dress and never trousers. Finally I put on first a navy wool V-neck cardigan and then a long baggy navy wool crew neck cardigan both of which were purchased second hand at a charity shop to make me feel frumpy and unstylish. I buttoned both cardigans up and checked myself, before going downstairs, to ensure I was dressed properly.

My Aunt carried out a further inspection of my uniform requiring me to unbutton both of my cardigans. She told me I would be receiving a spanking before going to work and sent me back to the punishment room to get my wooden hairbrush. Being sent back to get my hairbrush is always an awful experience as it means the spanking will be harsh and being sent to get the instrument of your own punishment enforces my position and the stupidity which has led me here.

I returned to the kitchen and presented the hairbrush to my Aunt who then directed me to lie over her lap with my face down to the floor. She folded my cardigans over my back, before pulling my dress up over my bottom and inserting her fingers into the waistband of my knickers and pulling them down to my knees. "Let this be a reminder to you of the consequences of your disgusting misbehaviour and your childish attitude", she said before immediately beginning to spank my bare behind with her hand.

This continued for a good five minutes by which time I was sobbing as each smack struck my increasingly sore bottom. She stopped to reach over and collect my wooden backed hairbrush which she had placed on the kitchen table. "Right I want you to be clear of your need to dress, behave and work impeccably today and this will hopefully be a further constant reminder to you. Even someone as immature and stupid as you should be able to remember this. Do you understand girl?" She finished. "Yes Maam I understand", I replied submissively. "Count each stroke and say thank-you", she said and started to smack me hard with the back of the hairbrush. "One, thank-you Maam", I said gasping as the first smack on my already tender bottom landed. She continued relentlessly for five minutes the slaps landing on the backs of my legs as well as my already spanked bottom. I was crying like the baby she wished to reduce me to and which my inability to behave adequately has shown I need and deserve to be treated as. "Eighty-two, thank-you Maam", I finished as what proved thankfully to be the last smack. She made me stand up in front of her with my knickers falling to my ankles and my dress still rucked round my waist and my cardigans flopping open against my legs. "Right get your uniform sorted out and get yourself straight to work so you are not late child", she ordered.

I pulled up my knickers, the itchy wool pulling painfully across my bottom and legs, before pulling down my dress and buttoning up my cardigans. I departed from the house for my 15 minute walk to work the tears resulting from yet another regular spanking still flowing. At 6:30 am the streets were quiet so there were not many pedestrians. I kept my head down and wiped my tears on my cardigan sleeve as I walked so that my tearful state was not seen by people I passed. I had to walk quickly to arrive with the necessary time before my shift and this made every step painful as my wool knickers, a constant cause of discomfort as well as humiliation, rubbed endlessly into my tender flesh.

Yours faithfully,
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