This is so embarrassing, my wife is making me post this as a part of my punishment. You see I was going fishing, or so I told my wife, Barb, I was going to get off work early but was running late to go with some guys on a fishing outing. I called Barb and ask her to pack my suitcase because I had to actually pick up Dana (my girlfriend), we were going to have a great weekend having sex and playing little games that Dana and I liked. I asked Barb to pack my new pajamas for the trip.

Well I got home grabbed my gear for fishing and my suitcase and had just enough time to kiss Barb goodbye. Off I went and spent a great weekend. I got home on Sunday afternoon. After a few hours of being home I asked Barb why she had not packed my pajamas I had asked her to pack. She said she had and I said I could not find them. She said she had put them in my tackle box. Yeah you guessed it I had never took the tackle box out of the truck let alone open it. I turned fifty shades of red knowing she now knew I did not go fishing. Not only that but she had known for a while what I had been doing.

I sat on the couch trying to explain what had happened but Barb said don't be a liar along with everything else. Barb told me that she had known and she also said she had talked to Dana and that Dana had told her that you told her you were divorced and planing to leave me as soon as our taxes were done and you got your part of the tax money.

Barb also told me that they had set up cameras in the motel room and that Dana knew about the cameras. I went into shock and was sweating bad, Barb thought I was going to have a heart attack. She handed me a towel and she asked if I needed to go to the hospital. I said no, as my voice quivered and I began to beg her not to divorce me, I promised her I would do anything if she would not do that. She smiled and said I knew you would say that and had made plans to make my life miserable and that I would be paying for this for a long time.

That night I went to bed in the spare room as she wanted nothing to do with me. That week went by so slow. We hardly spoke. That Saturday morning I got up early to find Barb and Dana in the kitchen together. When I came in they both looked at me and smiled. Barb said have a cup of coffee you look as if you need it. They both laughed. Barb told me that Dana was tired of your lies as was she, they had gotten together for us to watch the DVD together. I made toast and got my coffee and off to the family room we went with me three steps behind them them.

When we got there the movie started. In the movie I was wearing panties and a frilly nighty and being Dana's little sissy. I was dancing around and signing Mary Had a Little Lamb. I watched as it played on kissing her a** and begging her to spank the bad little girl. Dana had really burnt my butt up that week for a good show to humiliate me. They both asked if I was ready to be their sissy slave for the rest of my life as she and Dana were taking over all of my things as well as my bank account and ownership of the house. If I failed to do as they said Facebook would be filled with you tubes going on for a long time and sent to my family and friends for their enjoyment. Again I was begging them to not do that and I would do as they said.

Dana moved in to the master bedroom with Barb, and I moved to the second bedroom after I had painted it purple and pink and they had filled the closet with sissy outfits that would make Rue Paul laugh. I was made to put my fishing boat and gear on Craigslist listing my name as Patty cakes. A guy came to see it and I was wearing pink shorts and a purple tee top letting the guy know I had no hair on my body. He asked how much I would take for the boat. He had brought his camera to get pictures of it and had snapped ten before I could tell him how much. He said he would have to put those online. She said if you have any problems with the boat just come back and Patty will make it up to you and if you want to bring a friend feel free. (side note) He has come by with two friends).

I have since lost my job because my boss came by when I was bending over and saw my pink Rumba panties sticking out above my pants. He said he would not have a sales person working dressed like that. I am now the full time Maid with all the outfits and humiliating clothes. I feel I have learned my lesson but now have no way to turn back. I did run away once and went to my parents house and my mother called Barb and told her where I was. Dana and Barb came and brought a sluttish outfit and I had to walk home while she and Dana drove slowly behind me honking the horn. I have been humiliated and know my place now.


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