from Jamieanne

Dear Auntie Helga,

As a long-time reader of PDQ, I'd like to begin by thanking you for the wonderful resource you've provided to the petticoated community. I strive constantly to improve my performance as a sissy, to be more pleasing and harder working for my Wife/Mistress, and have found much encouragement and many ideas from PDQ. I've been active lately on the PDQ forum, and have been encouraged by a couple of friends to share the story of my life as a sissy with you... if you find it interesting, I hope you'll include it in a future issue of PDQ.

Although I wasn't petticoated by my mother, she was nevertheless a strict disciplinarian who insisted on good behavior, manners, respect and obedience. She unhesitatingly wielded her trusty paddle on my bare bottom as I was growing up, ensuring I adhered to her rules and sense of proper deportment. She made clear even in my teenage years, that as long as I lived in her home, I would be disciplined as she deemed appropriate, and true to her word, I last found myself bent over, bare bottomed and being paddled (despite my protestations) by her at the age of 18, shortly before I moved out.

My Mom's strict raising of me set me up for adulthood, for what and who I am today; she set the stage and embedded in me a respect for female authority and a sense of awe for powerful women, and my wife unhesitatingly capitalized on this previous training.

My wife and I married at age 18... very much in love and full of hope and excitement. We'd been together since we were 16, and she took my virginity at that age. She had a dominant side from the very beginning as was proven by the fact that she had me servicing her orally from the very beginning (she did not and has never reciprocated), and she first put me into panties (as a sexy game) at the tender age of 17.

The root of my petticoating (aside from the panty episode at age 17) can be traced to a trip to the local mall shortly after we married. We ended up in a Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie boutique at the mall and my wife spotted and honed in on an adorable little French maid's uniform, it was lacy and skimpy and came with matching ruffled panties, garter and frilly maid's cap. She smiled, looked at me and said, "I think you'd look great in that", and then she bought it! Within minutes of arrival back to our apartment she has me modeling my new outfit for her, and prancing around, doing chores at her behest. Auntie Helga, I can tell you now, neither she nor I have ever looked back... she had me, hook, line and sinker... I have been her obedient sissy maid ever since!

I hope this will serve as a suitable introduction to my wonderful wife and I, and our lifestyle. If you or your readers have interest, I'll gladly continue and fill you in on the evolution of our relationship and how we live today.

Most respectfully,
Sissy Jamieanne

Thank you for your letter Jamieanne for your kind words about my site, I am also happy to hear that you have become a regular contributor at our very busy forum. I'm sure the readers would love to read more about your successful marriage, so please do write again soon.

Auntie Helga

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