from Sandra

Dear Helga,

As a woman who grew up in a household where my mother made regular use of petticoating to punish and exert her authority over both my father and my brothers, and as a woman who has used petticoating extensively with my own husband, it is wonderful to see the way that Petticoat Discipline Quarterly promotes and supports the use of petticoating. So before saying anything more about my own situation, I want to offer my thanks to you for all that you do for the petticoating community.

My sissified husband and I have been happily married for almost twenty years, and my use of petticoating has really been central to the success of our relationship. I believe strongly in female-led households, and throughout our marriage my husband has been subservient to me in every possible way. Indeed, early on, even before we were married, I made it clear to him that I would be the one who worked outside the home while he would be the one responsible for all housekeeping and other daily chores, and that, starting with the first day of our marriage, I would be expecting him to dress and live as my sissymaid.

However, rather than focusing on my use of petticoating itself and my training of him as my sissymaid, I thought that in this letter I would talk about my enforcement of chastity on his part. Again, beginning even before we were married, I have required my sissymaid husband to wear a chastity device 24/7/365. Despite how compliant and accepting he was of all of my other rules for him, this was one that he balked at a bit when it was first mentioned. However, he also knew that if he wanted me to agree to marry him that he would have to obey me and that his feelings about being chastised would have no impact on my decision -- which meant that he would be chastised.

Based on my experiences with other women with sissy husbands, it does seem to be the case that many of the women have forced their own sissies to wear a chastity, just as I have done. Of course, every relationship is a bit different, but there do seem to be a few common reasons why this is so common in sissified husband marriages. One reason is that putting a sissy into a chastity is such a wonderful way for a woman to enforce her absolute authority over her sissy - in a particularly humiliating way that is present every hour of the day as a reminder to him of his position of inferiority. A second reason is that so many sissies seem to be obsessively chronic masturbators - a habit that many women find repulsive, and of course, there is no easier or more direct way to stop a sissy from engaging in self abuse than to make him wear a chastity. And thirdly, it is simply the case that many sissies are poorly endowed and rather inadequate as sexual partners where use of their little penises is concerned. And so, if a sissy's penis is of little use to his wife as a way of providing pleasure to her, there really is no reason why the sissy should not be kept in a chastity permanently.

In my case, all three reasons mentioned above were relevant to my decision to put my own sissymaid husband into a state of permanent chastity. When I first told him, the poor dear did cry and plead as the significance of my decision sank in on him - that is, as he realized this meant that not only would no part of him other than his tongue ever be used to pleasure me sexually, but also that it meant that he would never have another orgasm himself. I must admit that seeing his tearful distress at that realization actually gave me a wonderfully sexy feeling of power and control.

But what he didn't realize at that moment - but as he did soon learn the next day when I actually put him into the chastity device that I had bought - part of my goal was to not only chastise him permanently, but to actually condition him to become impotent and unable to get an erection at all - a goal that I achieved by using one of the 'spikes inside' chastities that gave him a jolt of rather intense pain whenever his teensy sissy clit started to get even the littlest bit erect. It did take a bit of time, but by our first anniversary the conditioning had exerted its inevitable effects, and by then, I could actually remove the chastity and play with his little sissy clit with my hands, and (much to his feelings of shame and inadequacy) the little thing would remain completely flaccid and small.

I had thought I might also write about his monthly milking sessions (which he actually dreads, for a number of reasons), but this letter has already gotten quite long, so I will save that for another missive some other time.


Thank you for your letter Sandra and for your very kind words. I must say you have done a wonderful job with your sissy husband and the longevity of your very successful marriage speaks volumes to your application of strict petticoating. Your use of the chastity device no doubt played a large role in helping her to understand and accept her proper place as well as to control that disgusting habit so many sissies have. I know we are all looking forward to reading about her milking sessions.


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