By Lesley with Art by Castre
Penelope could barely stand, he felt as if his knees would give way at any moment. He had been dreading this moment for days and tried everything to dissuade Lesley from this course of action but she had been adamant. "You are my maid now and will be my maid in all matters. What's the point of having a maid who won't even serve when my friends come for a coffee morning. I've told Mummy, Ros and Vanessa that they will be meeting my new maid and they're most intrigued - we're not going to let me down ARE YOU?" With deep resignation he knew that things had gone too far, he was beyond any point where he might have been able to refuse his wife's demands. But this was beyond his worst expectations.

And so here he was, after a morning of being meticulously prepared by Lesley she had pronounced herself satisfied with his appearance. Ignoring his desperate pleas to escape his fate, "You look delightfully feminine and submissive" she had laughed "Mummy was very curious when I asked to borrow her old dance petticoats, I told her she'd be surprised when she saw them next - they really do complete your uniform beautifully, she's going to be delighted" Lesley smirked at him, "and, if you don't perform completely to everyone's satisfaction they will get a good look at them because you'll be over my knee getting a good spanking!"

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And so the terrified Penelope had made his way into the lounge at the sound of Lesley's little bell to find himself staring at the backs of the three guests. Lesley smiled wickedly at him "Right ladies, here's the surprise I promised you, you can turn around now - TA-RA, MEET MY NEW MAID, PENELOPE!" The hapless maid dropped into a curtsy as gasps of realisation gave way to peels of mocking laughter.
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