I had been so very cruel to my cousin and my mother had all she could stand as did my aunt Betty. I had always been the tough guy and beat up on the girls in the small one room school house we attended. There were ten boys and twelve girls not to mention the teacher, Miss Turner.

I had a crush on Miss Turner and had always tried to get a peek up her skirt as often as possible. Miss Turner wore the so typical dress for the time. It was very full at the bottom and was filled with folds of netting and many times each layer was a different color. Once in a great while one could see deep under them and get a look at the stride of her white cotton panties. Once I saw a piece of pin peeking back at me. You must remember in the fifties it was a very bad thing to peek at such things. Many of the girls could not afford such costly pieces of clothing.

On one occasion I was able to see May's full bottom covered with her white cotton full cut panties when the wind caught her dress sending the tail over her head and I laughed so hard I actually wet my pants. That was the first time I had ever done that. Miss Turner got very angry at my humiliating May by my laughing and then she saw I had wet myself. We were all returned to the classroom and I was sent into the long coat closet and told to stand there until she found something for me to change into.

Miss Turner returned in a while with some of the girls Gym clothes as the boys had been made only a few days ago to clean out all of their dirty things and have their mothers to wash them. She handed me a pair of very pink cotton panties and in a tone that said "don't talk back but do as I say NOW". With tears streaming down my cheeks I removed my male clothes and slide the bloomers up on my body. Then she gave me a very short school girl skirt that seemed many years to small but she forced them up over my back side and pulled them around as if I were a five year old child being dressed by my mommy. The blouse that was also pink and had ruffles on the front. As well, white socks were added and pulled up to my knees. I was soon dressed like my six year old sister who was sitting just a few yards away with the other kids waiting to see me in all my glory. They did not have long. It happen just after Miss Turner put my long hair in ponytails on each side of my head.

As I was pushed out into the class room for all to see I stared to cry. Sandra came and took me in her arms and hugged me telling me in a way a mommy would encourage her baby girl to go out in public when she knew she would be embarrassed. All of the kids started poking fun at the what they called "new girl in class".

I was sent home in the school girl attire and had to get off the bus about a half mile down from my house. I remembered Miss Turners orders that if I got the outfit dirty I would be wearing others for a month. Bob and Jack got off at my stop also. With them being twice my size I had to endure their taunting by lifting the skirt and being called "Little Petti Pants". After what seemed like days I got to my house and ran inside only to find Mother waiting with my cousins and aunt Sally standing and they all broke into a big laughter as I tried to sneak in. To make things worse I slipped on one of my toys that I had left out the night before and on my butt I went, my skirt flew up, I was so shocked I started crying like a baby girl.

After things clammed down my mother said I would be dressed this way until she felt I would be a good little girl or boy. I started begging her not to do this to be as my female cousins started tell her about their old school uniforms they had out grown and I could surly use them and they donated these ugly thick cotton panties that were two sizes to big and had to have two pins one on either side to hold them up.

My days were filled with taunts and do girls work at home and at school for the rest of the year. You would think a guy would learn right NOPE. Just as I was let out of that stupid stuff, I for some reason wet the bed ten nights in a row and mother's answer was these big bulky pink diapers she sewed up on her Singer. And my aunt (helped ) by donating some dresses she had sewed and put bows and ribbons on them. NOW I am called Baby Petti pants. I think the Gods are against me for sure.

Well, I went off to the war and on my return I met Caroline White. That is another story and I will send more on that subject soon but forgive me I must go get in the wash from the clothes line in my Mother in laws back court yard. You might know I am wearing a Gray Flannel Maid's dress with long white stockings and bulky black shoes two sizes to big. Because we can't afford any others for me.

Petti pants slave (Curtsy)

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