My name is or was Gary, I had a job doing deliveries for a company that designed and created party dresses and wedding gowns for some what rich clients. I had a great job and would often get good tips for my fast and well mannered attitude toward my work. I must say for a young boy if eighteen I was well trained by my mum in how to dazzle the women and be very adept to treat women as special people.

On one of the times I delivered a party dress for a fifteen year old daughter of one of our biggest clients. When I arrived at the manor the daughter was not home and the mother wanted so bad to see how it would look on Carol her daughter she was so excited she asked me to do something special for her. I said of course what would you like, to my surprise she asked if I would model the dress for her. I asked do you mean wear the party dress with my eyes wide open in surprise. She said that I was about the same size as her daughter and she would not be home for hours and the mother just could not wait another moment to see how it looked.

I had not seen the dress and was so taken aback but not wanting to make her upset and maybe get me in trouble with Ms. Cantor my boss. I agreed to help her. She opened the package and inside was a very ruffled pink and purple party dress that was, forgive me for this but it was sissified to the nines. I got so shocked I almost backed out of wearing it. Then came a new surprise the lady went and got a pair of satin panties She said she did not want to get any boy stuff on the dress. Not knowing what she meant I asked where I could put it on and she said right here and now and she added please hurry. I took off my clothes and she saw my underpants were well worn and had several holes in them. She said please hurry. I removed my underpants and she held open the panties at my feet I stepped in and she pulled them up and adjusted them for my private parts.

It was not long and I was standing on a stool as she also adjusted the dress and she said how pretty I looked in it and I was so embarrassed. The woman lifted the dress to straighten the petticoat and saw my private part was, well sticking up and there was a wet spot on the satin panties. She got a napkin and began to wipe it spot only to cause more problems as you can imagine. She told me to step down from the stool and she removed the dress and told me how thankful she was for my help. I still had the panties on and she insisted I keep them as they were only trash now and that she would not want them any longer she hurriedly had me put on my pants and shirt and leave. She did give me a large tip and said she was would tell Ms. Cantor how helpful I was and I was off to my next delivery.

When I got back to the shop Ms. Cantor called me into her office and said that the lady had called and told her what I had done for her. I almost wet my self thinking that she had told her I wore the party dress. Ms. Cantor told me to let her see the panties. I began to sweat it seemed as if the room got very hot. I started to pull up the side of them but she pointed for me to drop my pants. When she saw the purple panties she smiled and said very pretty. Needless to say my private parts embarrassed me again. Ms. Cantor said I understand you had on some very worn underwear. I blushed and said yes Ma'am. She told me she had a surprise for me and opened her drawer and held out a package which I took and she said wear a pair everyday and be sure you show me. I opened the package and saw ten pair of satin panties. I tried to say no but could only say Yes Ma'am.

Ms. Cantor has now taken me to her home several times to dress me in some of her new designs and have me do some modeling and she has made certain I do some modeling for customers on very special occasions. The women always have me show them the panties that Ms. Cantor chooses for me to wear during the modeling sessions. I have a new name for when I model for her Sissy Candy. I still work for her and Ms. Cantor is my Mistress and makes sure I am a good girl.

Sissy Candy

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