from Sissymaid Kitty

Dear Auntie Helga,

I must sincerely, humbly, and most abjectly apologise that the poor wording of my last email gave you any sense of hostility or the false impression that I routinely read Mistress Alison's private emails. I can assure you that my feelings towards you are of affection and gratitude that I can avail myself of your experience and wisdom whenever I feel in need of guidance. When I used the phrase guardian of Mistress's e mails I meant that it is one of my duties to check her inbox a least three times a day; I delete the spam and the junk and bring her attention to anything important such as mails from yourself. Although I can usually tell from the subject what they are about I would never dream of doing anything so disgraceful as opening them without her permission.

Shortly after proposing I confessed to her about having set up this account for the purpose of writing to you to ask for your advice and what your response had been. She told me that she written to you describing what had happened and read me some of your reply, in particular the part about it being a test of my resolve. Sometimes she allows me to read entire emails if she feels it would be useful or of particular interest and she frequently asks me to type first drafts of long or complicated letters which she then amends and revises as necessary. I tell you this as an illustration of the degree to which we share information with each other, in the normal course of events we share everything. When I said I hate secrets and deception I was implying no criticism, just telling you that it upsets me deeply when I can't share my thoughts and feelings with her.

Once again I apologise to you for the offence I have caused.

Yours sincerely
sissymaid kitty

Thank you for your letter sissymaid kitty. Apology accepted and thank you for the clarification, you exemplify the perfect ideal of a proper sissymaid, always putting your Mistress first and very polite to others. I must say it is a pleasure knowing you and I look forward to continuing our relationship for many years.

Auntie Helga

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