Letter 7
From Johnny

Let me say up front that I cherish your site every month. My history of being petticoated stemmed from a time as a child of 7 or 8 years old, when my father was out of town a lot on business, and my mother and sister had me all to themselves. It started initially when I was being punished for getting into my older sister's things. I was not very sorry, and did not see any reason to be. I felt that being the 'man' of the house meant that I could, and should, have the ability to do anything I wanted It seemed to work quite well when my Dad was home...

That afternoon, I took a much deserved nap. When I woke up, I discovered that both of my hands had all the fingernails painted a bright red with nail polish! I demanded to know who did this to me, and how was I supposed to get it off... when both my mother and sister came into the room, I could see that they were not surprised by my condition. My sister immediately informed me that I was to wear the nail polish as long as my mother wanted me to, in punishment for getting into her private things. I was shocked and dismayed by these turn of events and I demanded to have it removed.  My mother told me that I was to stop demanding anything, and that I was to start asking politely for things, or the nail polish would stay on for quite a while.

In fact, she told me that I was to take off my socks and shoes and sit still for my sister while she put a couple of coats of the red nail polish on my toe nails. I was to wear open toed sandals all day without socks and I had to wear a pair of shorts that did not have pockets along with a t-shirt. Being that this was in the summer, I did not see any problem with the clothing until I realised that everybody would see my nail polish!

My mother further stated that I was to accompany them both to the store that day, and that I was to help carry the packages around the store, and out to the car... if I gave either of them any problems with doing this little excursion, I would have to wear the nail polish for another day. If I was well behaved, and did as I was told, the nail polish would come off when I went to bed that night.

I did the little excursion, and was frightfully humiliated by everybody noticing my finger and toe nails being polished bright red! Since that day, both my mother and sister would punish me with some form of 'sissification' in order to make me behave better while my dad was out of town. I never mentioned anything to my dad about the treatment I was receiving at home while he was away, but he did mention that I was apparently behaving a lot better for my mother and sister while he was gone because he was getting glowing reports of my sudden interest in helping around the house and obeying both my sister and mother!

My mother even had a little girl style frock made for me, which I had to wear with frilly lawn bloomers which were lightly starched, and peeped below the hem of the frock, which was quite full because I had to wear three rustly petticoats underneath. When sitting down my sister trained me to raise my skirt and petticoats so that everybody could see my bloomers. I also had to wear short white ankle socks, and Mary Jane style single strap shoes. An apron was tied tightly on if there was housework that I had to do.

This treatment continued up and including my high school days, and one or two of my high school girlfriends knew about my punishment rituals at home. One of them took an avid interest in my punishments at home, and was instrumental in ensuring that I behaved on my dates with her, after conferring with my mother and sister on my continued petticoat punishment. All during my junior and senior year of high school, I got excellent grades, and was going steady with Becky When I graduated, and went to college I got my degree in health care.

Years later, with the consent, and approval of my parents (and sister), I married Becky and to this day remain happily so. My wife to this day continues my petticoat punishment when I am ill-behaved. The details of that are another story. However, I have gotten accustomed to coming home and getting dressed most evenings, and week-ends at my wife's insistence. We have been married now for over thirty years, and we would recommend this treatment to all men if needed. However, it has to start at home.

I hope that you enjoyed the account of my personal petticoat punishment.


A lifetime of petticoat discipline is a very precious gift, and you are very lucky. When a boy has undergone petticoating it can be very sad if he is unable to find a wife who understands his needs. I agree with you and Becky in your recommendation of petticoating for all men if needed, but it is very important that it start in an ambience of love and security, as it obviously did in your own case.

I do not approve of nail polish for children, in fact I do not much care for it at any age, but it does seem to have had a salutory effect in your case.

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