from Bernice

Dear Helga,

I ran across your website a few weeks ago but with the holidays it is only now that have time to write. My husband and I have been married for 15 years now with both of us in our forties. For the first 10 years we were like many young couples sharing common interests and doing things together until I started to read about female led relationships along with some femdom articles. Without getting my husband too suspicious some of what I read was tried on him to see how he would react.

Now Mike isn't all that manly in fact at costume parties I would dress him up like a nurse, maid or cocktail waitress which he hated. Over the past 5 years I have become somewhat more dominant as Mike became more submissive. He doesn't realize that is the case but I assure it is. The thought of Mike becoming my sissymaid has been on my mind ever since reading the letters and seeing the pictures on your website. That would give me the power to combine sissymaid and FLR together.

Having seen Mike in a maid costume before I know what he could look like as my sissymaid. At this point I am not fond of the sissymaid dresses although maybe in time I might be. Slowly I did some shopping making sure I had everything ready for Mike. Oddly enough I met a woman at a uniform supply shop who was there buying her boyfriend another maid uniform so that led to us talking for a while. Her story was her boyfriend lost a bet last year to which becoming her maid was the payoff. She explained once he got started she refused to allow him to dress any other way at home. We shared stories while looking at uniforms which was good for me to hear just getting started myself.

By the time I left the store with Mike's new maid uniforms and a smile on my face things were looking pretty good. The next step is how to get Mike to wear it all for me since this time it isn't a costume party. I feel strong enough to enforce it after Mike gets into a maid uniform just need some ideas how to do that part Helga if you have some for me. What do you suggest for a first time sissymaid Helga?

Love to hear from you


Thank you for your letter Bernice. At their most basic sissymaids are maids, so many of us use a plain maid's uniform for working her and a more elaborate style for serving at night or when friends pop round. He does seem receptive to your suggestions, perhaps this is a 'fantasy you have had' and 'you just want to try it', he does seem to enjoy experimenting so this might be a way to try.

If this is too big a step you could interest him in the underwear first, many men are responsive sexually to the silky clothing, nylon panties used to excite him gets him into them, once again a 'fantasy' of yours, 'it won't make him gay', that sort of thing, does this seem feasible?


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