from Sandra

Dear Helga,

My husband and I have been married for 5 years now with both of us in our early thirties if knowing our ages helps. We both work full-time and with me traveling with mine the most. This week while my husband was away I decided to do some fall cleaning in the basement with plans of painting some of it as well. While moving boxes out of my way I discovered a box that wasn't there last time I cleaned that room. The area I wanted to clean and paint is more of a storage area. Any way I opened this box finding several bras, silicone breast forms and panties. Needless to say I was in shock discovering this in my basement. I thought; was my husband having an affair, no not likely. Then it dawned on me that this stuff wasn't for another woman but for him. Looking at the size of the bras and knowing his shirt size it didn't take long for me to figure it out.

What I did was follow your advice along with information obtained from the letters on the website. John was honest with me which saved him from getting kicked out last night. He did tell me more this morning while we enter into our communication stage of this new life. I wanted to know it all since there is no reason to hide it now. John did wear his clothes whenever I was out of town although he didn't ever leave the house. I was curious to see if he was involved with any groups or other crossdressers but thankfully this was done by him for him.

John is working away today while I teach him the way it must be done. He admitted he likes wearing what I bought him and be prepared to help me in any way now. Helga this might be easier than I thought as it looks like John associates wearing women's clothing with housework. By admitting to me that he is willing to do anything for me it's almost like saying as long as I let him dress pretty. That is the way it sounds to me which is great.

I did tell John that he will in time be responsible for all the housework that includes laundry and cooking. That in itself will take some time Helga with John being more of an outdoor guy before this happened. I want to tell him he looks ridiculous however as long as he is happy wearing women's attire who am I to judge. In time my house will always be clean, my laundry done and my meals cooked. For that kind of deal John can wear any dress he wants. Well not really but you know what I mean.

Helga once again thank you for pointing me in the right direction. This is the beginning of a new journey that will have its ups and downs for both of us. I plan to stay firm with John and he knows this is not a dress up game. There is a slap in the face always waiting should he give me any grief.

Thank you


Thank you for your letter Sandra. I understand that it must have come as quite a shock to discover his secret stash but more importantly, his secret life. You handled it perfectly and now you both have this amazing opportunity to take your relationship to a exciting new level, one of control for you and servitude for him, I suspect this result was his secret longing for years.


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