My mummy dresses me as a girl
In frilly frocks and girly curls

Frilly knickers & silky slips
Resting over my girlish hips

Sheer lace top stockings or shiny tights
Oh please can anyone see my plight

People must see mummy makes me wear frocks putting hair slides & bows in my girlish locks

Mummy I don't like petticoats skirts & dresses
Or my hair in silken beribboned tresses

"My child a girl you will always be
In pretty gowns & never a he"

"But mummy I don't like being a girl"
"Put on this dress now & give me a twirl"

"Where are my toys and little cars"
"They've gone sweetie now put on your bra"

"And 3 bouffant petticoats under your dress
Now brush your long hair it's such a mess"

"So another day as Miss Daniella
Mummy so sure I won't grow up a fella"

"Get your coat on and the pink Mary Janes and take your pink brolly in case it might rain"

"My hair is so long now in ribbons & bows
Mummy says my hair is so lovely oh look how it flows

My bedroom is decorated in frills, satin & lace with my pretty girl clothes all in one place

Oh how I hate my room like this - and being referred to as a pretty little miss

Here Daniella your nightdress for bed come on my girl it's late, to my room I am led

I'm given my nightie & put in my pink frilly bed with pink satin ribbons attached to my head

Oh please mummy dear do not dress me this way
Hush my baby girl in your nightie & bed you must stay

I look up in my girly canopy bed with my pink satin nightie and bows in my head

Another day spent in a dress or a skirt
Instead of my trousers socks and a shirt

My little girl forced into satin & lace
with full make up on that pretty girly face

Shock news! a bridesmaid I am to be
In a hoop petticoat & dress for all to see

In a lilac satin with matching bonnet & brolly - I think I look more like one of my dollies

My hair mummy says will be ringlets and curls
In a full circle gown that I must swish and swirl

The dreaded day for my hair to be done in pretty ringlets and a girly bun

I'm told 'sit down little miss in the chair and I will give you the most prettiest hair' - then dress it with silk ribbons and lace oh & a touch of make up on that pretty face

Mummy returns "oh you look such a cutie with your bridesmaids dress on you'll look such a beauty

Now for your nails - yes a French manicure - painted in pink now my daughter for sure

Look in the mirror to see what I see
No more my son but a daughter you'll be

One day Daniella you'll accept what you are in fine pretty dresses and satiny bras

On your aunts wedding day you'll look feminine for sure & in all that girlish attire so innocent and pure

In your dress of rustling taffeta, silk & tulle
Oh Daniella how those boys will stare & drool

Oh and for your figure a corset you must wear - to be a young lady some pain you must bear

Oh mummy I plead no corset I beg
but you must look your best in front of your boyfriend Greg

He's not my boyfriend mother he's only a mate - actually Daniella he wants to take you on a date

No no mummy it cannot be right but sweetie Greg calls you his "Princess Delight"

Get used to going out with boys little miss and don't forget to give them a lipstick kiss

Shopping in the morning to buy new lingerie - a special treat for your 18th birthday

Panties, some bras a petticoat or two oh my little girly don't look so blue

You'll enjoy picking out frillies and silky slips oh and some new lippy for those lushious lips

We can also choose mummy & daughter summer dresses to go with our blond beautiful curled tresses

You must always act feminine & ladylike
So sorry Daniella but no more mountain bike

You must sit demurely with feminine poise and forgetting you were ever born a boy

When you wake up each morning you will see a girl - in a pretty nightdress and girly curls

Repeat "I am a girly girl" and confess that my life is destined to be in a dress

A ball gown to wear to the New Year's Eve ball in frilly taffeta petticoats your the belle of the ball

That magenta gown with petticoats galore swishing and swirling on the dance floor

Greg grabs my corseted waist and leads me around - then I see him staring at my feminine mounds

Greg likes my lace bra peaking from under my dress but it makes me self conscious nevertheless

Mummy is smiling and likes what she sees - you looked a perfect lady my little sweet pea

Your beautiful gown with petticoats on show you should have seen how they swirled and flowed

You danced so well girly in those 5 inch high heels and how did that satin & lace crinoline feel?

Oh mummy I'm tired please please can we leave Greg has had me dancing all this new years eve

My petticoats tickle over these silky sheer tights please don't make me wear with my nightie this night

You know the rules my pretty bunny all your petticoats tights and undiesp remain on alas honey

Wearing a long satin nightdress in my canopy bed all ruffles and lace knowing one day to be wed

Probably to Greg in a merengue satin dress with my bridesmaids chloe Sophie and Jess

The dreaded day comes a bride to be - in a full circle gown for all to see
The rustling of petticoats for all to hear - Oh Daniella you are so feminine my dear

I am corseted in satin within an inch of my life just so I can make Greg a girly wife - a hooped petticoat over my crinoline skirts looking so demure girly and pert

Mother says "oh my pretty baby girl lift up your gown & give us a twirl - show off those petticoats of satin & tulle and remember the little girly steps rule

You will walk in 6 inch bridal heels with ladylike poise - with the click clack sound heels make - such a feminine noise

People will say she once was a boy but always played with little girl toys - tea sets & pretty dollies some I heard say and he'd dress up in girly frocks each & everyday

He went to a girls school St Catherine's in Kurt wearing pigtails and a shiny blue pleated skirt

His mother said he always acted like a girl so she dressed him in frillies with ringlets and curls

They know not the truth I was forced into this life and now I must be the obedient wife - to always be pretty in feminine attire my mummy I can never forgive for being a liar

I'm home from the clinic a female complete breasts and vagina and high heels on my feet

Mummy got her way I'm no more her son but a pretty young girly the battle she won

So this life as a young lady I must now endure - wearing dresses and petticoats all feminine and pure

Greg is kind and treats me so well but being a girl is simply just hell - swishing and swaying in my pretty frocks combing my tresses and girly girl locks

Greg doesn't let me wear trousers or shirts - he replies I like my wife in dresses or skirts

A lady should look feminine pretty and demure with rustling full petticoats my dear Daniella for sure

But I yell Greg just now and then please I say - Just not wearing a dress & high heels for a day
I will not have this my dear Danielle a girly you must be and please don't yell

It's most unbecoming & unladylike I feel
To act this way & stamping your high heels
A girl you are and accept it you must wearing dresses you will learn to adjust

I love you Daniella and will give you anything you need - but being my girl you must & will concede

I'm sorry dear husband I will be a good wife and accept wearing dresses & petticoats the rest of my life - the house will be clean and a meal when you get in - my life as a man I can never win

My love you have breasts now & a vagina too there really is no other option for you - I guess it's hard being turned into a girl wearing lacy frillies and a hairstyle of curls

Blame your mummy for forcing you this way but let us not fight Daniella please v I pray

Where are you going my pretty young dove
I'm getting my nightie on so we can kiss and make love
I'm a girl now Greg I know you're right so come to bed - I promise a good night!

I want you inside me, touching me like a girl loves - and I promise to always be your little girly dove

The End

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