from Alison

Dear Helga,

Thank you for copying your reply (see Letter 8) to kitty's confession to me. I was very cross with her when she told me what she'd done with a cheeky self satisfied smirk on her face. I rang Sallyann to ask her advice and she said that the best punishment was something that would make her wiggle her bottom involuntarily and told me about figging. She also suggested that I call kitty all those names to increase her sense of shame. I had to go out and buy the ginger specially and I felt quite nervous about inserting it into her rectum as I was frightened it might disappear and get lost but Sal assured me that even if it did then what goes up must come down and it would teach kitty an extra lesson. It was also Sallyann's idea that I make kitty write to you and tell her that it would be published so everyone would know what a brazen little tart she'd been and what happened to sissymaids who behaved so badly.

I really had to steel myself to do it and I have to confess on my own account that I couldn't bear to watch or listen to the effects of the ginger so I left the room. When I returned I had intended to stop matters there, but when I saw the state she was in and heard her begging me to stop and promising never to be naughty again in future I felt a strange sense of exhilaration and also arousal so decided she deserved some more pain and humiliation. I am now glad I gave her what she obviously needed to teach her how to behave.

Since that day her behaviour has been exemplary and she has also become incredibly affectionate and keeps not only apologising, but telling me how grateful she is to me that I gave her the punishment she deserved rather than dismiss her from my service. I never threatened to do any such thing, and wouldn't, but she has got it into her head that I was considering doing so. I'm happy to let her continue believing that I will if her behaviour falls below the required standard in future.

I hope you do publish kitty's letter as it will reinforce her lesson. She also asked my permission to write and thank you for the "good talking to" you gave her and to assure you that in future she will always be submissive, shy and demure. I said I had no objection provided it didn't take her away from her duties.

Yours sincerely


Thank you for your letter Alison. You certainly did the right thing and she deserved every bit of it. The figging was a nice touch and had a great effect, something to remember. Thank you for allowing me to publish her letter and expose her shame, perhaps this will serve as a lesson to other sissymaids but if not it certainly will inspire many Mistresses to expand their punishment techniques.


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