The story I am about to tell you happened when I was a 12 year old grammar school student. In my class, there was this girl named Crystal. I teased Crystal because she wore diapers to school. She wore diapers to school, because she had a bladder problem, but that didn't stop me from teasing her. Well, one day, she had enough. She told a teacher, and the teacher told the principal, and the principal called my mom, and my mom told me that if I didn't stop picking on Crystal, she would make me wear diapers to school. I thought for sure mom would never make me wear diapers, so I kept picking on Crystal.

One Friday, I got home from school, and I saw mom in the living room, and the first thing she said was "I think someone needs to start wearing diapers." I begged mom not to put me in diapers. She then said that her mind was made up, and she demanded I follow her upstairs to my room. So, I followed her up to my room. When we got there, she opened my underwear drawer, and I noticed that my underwear had been replaced with girls' Goodnites. She told me that I'd be wearing the Goodnites to school, and I was not allowed to use the toilet. If I had to go to the bathroom, I'd either have to hold it, or use the diaper. She also mentioned that if I were to go in my diaper during my math teacher's class, my math teacher would probably make me come to the front of the class, pull my pants down, and make me sit in my seat with my diaper completely showing. I asked mom what I should do if I use the diaper, and she told me I'd have to get changed by the school nurse. I asked "Why are you making me wear diapers?" She answered "Because you've been acting very babyish lately, and if you want to act like a baby, I'll treat you like a baby." I then asked "Why girls' diapers?" She said "Because it will be more embarrassing for you if you wear girls' diapers. You will start wearing diapers on Monday."

So, I wore a girls' Goodnite to school on Monday. Thankfully, no one seemed to notice that I had on a diaper. However about 5 minutes into my math class, I felt the need to go really bad. Soon, after I used my diaper, someone yelled out "Cory just wet himself!" My face got real red. My math teacher came up to my desk, grabbed me by the wrist, pulled me out of my seat, took me to the front of the class, and pulled my pants down, revealing my girls' Goodnite. I should mention that the diaper had butterflies and flowers all over it. The class started laughing. Soon, some started chanting "Cory wet in his Goodnite," over and over. My math teacher said "Since you went in your diaper in my class, you must sit in your seat with your diaper completely showing." So, I slowly walked back to my seat and sat down in my diaper. My classmates kept teasing and laughing at me.

I was so embarrassed and humiliated that I burst into tears. That made my classmates laugh even more. They started saying things like "I'll change your diaper for you little baby," "Did the widdle baby have an accident?" etc. Finally, after what felt like hours, math class was over, and I was given my pants back, and I went to the school nurse to get my diaper changed. The school nurse was really nice. She cleaned me up real good, and she put me in a new Goodnite. When I got home, mom asked me how school was, and I told her how bad my day was, but that didn't seem to bother her at all. I was so mad at mom for doing this, but she didn't care, and she told me that I would be kept in diapers as long as she saw fit. I'd like to say my diaper humiliation ends here, but unfortunately, it doesn't. In fact, I would soon be humiliated more than I could possibly imagine.
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