Sissy Cindy

I had come home from the office and a day of really high stress and came to the bedroom to change into my jeans to go out and mow the grass. I saw something out of the corner of my eye, my girlfriends dresser drawer was open. I walked naked to the drawer and looked down to close it and saw on top of the stack of her underwear was a pair of Cobalt Blue panties. I reached down and picked them up and the softness of the Satin material sent a wave through my body that actually caused me to shake for a quick second. I had often seen Cindy walk down the hall and saw the wiggle of the material about where her butt ended and her long legs began. My mind went to a place I had never been, I felt the material as I placed it to my cheek, and wondered how they must feel on her skin. Some where in my mind I heard a voice saying... put them on. I slide the satin up my legs and onto my ass. I walked to he mirror and looked at myself, turning to see the back and then coming back to myself I walked back and removed them and put the back where I had found them. My thoughts ran wild as I wonder how a woman felt with such softness on, not only the panties but the slips and nylons and stockings and all the nighties and so many other things that express the sexiness of womanhood.

I walked down to the kitchen and heard the garage door come open I knew she was home and had pushed the remote to open the door to park her Corvette. I waited in the kitchen for her and she walked in with a bright smile on her face. I wondered if some how she knew what I had done a few minutes earlier but knew she couldn't it was just guilt on my mind. Cindy kissed me and patted my ass as I did hers, we often did that. I somehow said in a shaky voice that I was going to mow and she said she had hoped I could put that off for a while and kissed me softly again. I knew what she wanted and I was so ready for her and that bedroom.

We went in the bedroom and she walked to her drawer and she took out the very pair of panties I had just had on a few minutes before. We often would shower together and start from there so as we walked to the master bath she said I wonder what happened? I asked what she meant she said that when she let that morning she left the drawer open with a new scent pack in it as it was to strong and she wanted to let it air out some. I was thinking quick and said I had saw it open and shut it not knowing she was doing that. We went on in the shower and in the hot water we played with her against the wall and one leg up and my hands following every inch of her smooth body.

When we dried off and she walked to the bed and I followed her watching that satin wiggle that I spoke of a little while ago. She was looking in the full length mirror and I did not see she was but she turned and said what are you looking at, I smiled and said the most beautiful ass in the world. She smiled and said I wonder what that is like to see a woman walking away so a man can see her walking like that. I said I don't know if you ever will but it is great baby. She came close to me and said maybe I could. I said do you want to add a girl to our sex life and smiled. She said no way but I could see if you wore my panties and I followed you. I said no way I am not a sissy. She put on her pouty face, and said come on I want to see you in them.

An hour ago I wanted to see what it was like to wear them now she wanted me to wear them. My mind was whirling so fast. She slide them off and pointed out a spot on the side of the panties and said I just washed these yesterday and now they have a dirty spot they did not have before so I think someone has been playing with them. I tried to swallow and it was like swallowing a horse. I said that I had picked them up and looked at them. She said and then what did you do naughty boy? Again my breath came hard as I said okay, I did put them on just to see what they felt like. Cindy looked into my eyes and said I want to see too. She stooped and held them open and before I knew it my legs were in them and they were being pulled over my hardness and my ass. Cindy said I have never seen your cock that hard before. I felt weak and suddenly I was wanting to allow her to do with me as she pleased and she knew it. She walked to her closet and took out a nighty that was also satin and it was very pink with lots of lace. She said look in the mirror I walked over and she clapped her hands and said it does look so pretty to see you in them and that walk was the best.

We got in the bed and she said no I am on top today lover. I had always took the top position and she the bottom but today I was her new lover. Cindy said how does it feel to be a sissy. As I felt my pulse jump up I said good, she said only good and put out her pouty lip and I said great. We had the best sex we had in months. We both lay side by side and she said we must do this again. Little did I know she meant right after dinner. We started for the bed and she wait sissy you have to get dressed. She went to her drawer and got out a pair of rumba panties and another nighty and she said this time you have more to do sissy. I said okay and she said no you mean yes Ma'am. I said yes Ma'am. Again we went way past where we had ever been with sexual excitement.

That was the day I found something that was hidden inside of me for ever, until that day. I don't always wear her things but we do often have the sissy come out, I now have my own sexy stuff.

Sissy Cindy
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