The Rubberist's Diary

'The Summer visit of 1950. Part Three'

'Ma'am and I are well aware of the time passing, with only a couple of hours before the vicar and his dear wife's visit. We hurriedly bathe our boy, scrubbing him hard in the icy water with the hard scrubbing brush. And how we scrub him all over! Plenty of tickling and pinching, scolding and smacking as our rubber gloved hands explore every inch of him. By the time we haul him out, he is in a state of both great agitation and obvious shivering excitement. "It is soon time for you to be dressed as few boys have ever been!" Ma'am chides him repeatedly. We hand him over to Nanny who has been watching the proceedings with pleasure.

After being rushed and strapped to the old toilet seat, we ensure his bowels are fully evacuated. And so to the nursery to be properly attired, before being taken down to the drawing room to await our visitors. A most formal attire will be expected, and we first need to transform and emasculate him fully. We all enter the nursery and Nanny now takes full charge, standing him on a large red rubber sheet spread out on the floor. His wrists are strapped together and attached to a long rubber strap passed over a low beam above his head. He is then hoist up until he teeters on tip toe, ready to be transformed as Miss Smythe joins us. She is attired in a superb full Victorian Nanny's costume. It seems only right that this dear lady should be the one to introduce our boy to this waist, after all it was she who created it!

The suspender, or garter waist was to become the usual choice of the Victorian and Edwardian Nanny for her boy. Before tights became common, stockings were worn by both boys and girls. In catalogues of the times, these waists were available for boys up to the age of about thirteen years. Stockings were made from wool for everday wear, silk stockings for more formal occasions. A boy in the well to do, female dominated home, would be kept in such a garter waist with silk stockings. These held taut, so as to remove any unsightly wrinkles. These often would not actually be seen, due to the boy being made to wear layers of frilly petticoats and pinafores over the top. Such a device for our boy needs to provide severe posture correction, in addition to a supporter for both stockings and the many undergarments he will have to wear. Mild Polio had left the boy rather petite in stature and with poor posture.

And so to dressing the boy. A very closely cropped haircut first, girls wigs to be later worn with huge satin ribbons. A thorough and very close body shaving, from his ankles and up to his waist. I delight in removing the rubber Blakey rings first. I perform this shaving task most skillfully with the fearsome 'cut throat' blade, before I replace the rubber genital rings. Making quite certain that his 'boyness' is thrust very well forward, we decide a fresh dressing is not now necessary. Then the supporting waist put onto him first of all, Miss Smythe and Nanny set to work with much enthusiasm.

The heavy, steel reinforced, red rubber girdle is first fitted around his waist. Then tighly laced at the rear and with a wide rubber collar put around his neck. Wide rubber straps are next tightened over his shoulders, then a wide rubber crotch strap passing from the rear to the front. This forcing his buttocks wide apart, and this rubber strap then dividing into two and passing either side of the ringed genitals. These tight rubber rings again checked for correct position. The straps then attached to the corset lower front. With his head forced very well back, and back forced straight, a final tightening of every lace and strap leaves our boy really shivering. Now properly restrained and with correct upright posture, suitable stockings and under garments are chosen. The importance of the rubber 'Blakey' posture rings for a boy cannot be over stated. As well as forcing a proper upright posture, such restraint will cause acute awareness of his gender. Causing almost constant forced arousal, considerable urinary incontinence will keep him in a confused state. Add also putting him into female attire will cause further humiliation.

A pair of the delighful rubber lined gleaming pink silk tockings are held up. We both grasp his ankles and force his legs well inside. These stockings drawn up and attached to the eight wide rubber suspender straps. Four suspenders on each side are soon holding the stockings taut and high into his lower crotch. The very necessary towel nappy is held up next. This having been boil washed in a concentrate Carbolic solution, now a coarse and well impregnated garment. The intense increasing discomfort of this, worn under rubber pants with extra tight waist and leg elastic a true discipline. The towel nappy is then tightly pinned on, its coarse and stinging feeling quickly sending our dear boy into a shivering fit. Our boy must be somewhat relieved now that his genitals are hidden from view, but Nanny soon has heavy and frilly baby rubbers at his ankles. She then gives him yet another very large dose from the baby bottle into the feeding dummy. And then, with the dear boy coughing and dribbling, the rubbers are briskly pulled up over him. This baggy and voluminous rubber garment is pulled taut over him, and secured up with many buttons attached to the waist. These rubbers have many delightful rows of rubber frills at the legs, the waist and thigh elastics so very wide and tight that he is properly restrained and contained.

The final undergarment is now held up. Lovely heavy pink satin bloomers, lined with smooth and strong smelling red hospital rubber. He is stepped into this garment and it is pulled up over the rubber baby pants, and buttoned high up onto the waist under his armpits. Another layer of taut rubber now pulling nappy and rubber baby pants relentlessly between his legs, it is now becoming rather overwhelming for him. These have large lace trimmed frills below each leg, and huge bows tied very tightly. These hanging down almost to his knees. After a sudden stinging wetting moaning and his face red with humiliation, the large bulge appearing at the crotch tells all just how effective this transformation is becoming.

We choose from a large selection of delightful sissy garments, and so a gleaming pink satin baby girl's dress is chosen. This is trimmed with layers of frills and lace, also with pretty puff sleeves. It is suitably short in length, barely reaching the upper thighs. Miss Smythe now attends to our baby's makeup, choosing a most charming wig with large pink satin ribbons. The dress is pulled on, its rubber lining causing intense and noisy sucking on the rubber feeding dummy. A large rubber bib is put on, tied around the neck. Our big baby is now lowered down to the floor. The heavy leather baby harness is strapped on, wrists also strapped at his sides. Rubber bootees are put on the baby's feet, and after yet another heavy dose from Nanny's baby bottle, we are ready to descend to the drawing room.

We all fuss our big baby down the stairs, and enter the drawing room. Our dear guests have arrived early having been welcomed by our maids. The couple are resplendant in their heavy and tightly belted shiny black rubber mackintoshes. We proudly present our 'big baby' to our guests, the vicar's wife most keen to sit baby on her rubbered lap. "Come here baby, this minute, and onto my knees. Nanny, give me the baby's bottle so that I can deal with the feeding!" the dour mature woman chuckles. With our baby sitting squirming on the lady's slippery lap, she next takes up several copies of the 'Mackintosh Society' glossy journal. "Look at these delightful severe looking mature women, showing off their shiny rubber mackintoshes!" she teases. Church will be visited twice, morning and evening services attended. As well as Sunday School in the afternoon....'

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