My sister was always picking on me and trying to humiliate in front of the other kids. Many times she would trip me or tell them lies about me or what I was doing. One morning Mom came to wake me for school and I got up quickly and a pair of my sister's panties flew out on the floor. I had not had them when I went to bed and I tried to think of what had happened. Mother told me to pick them up right then and there. I looked toward the door that was open just a bit. Mother said that if I liked to play with my sister's panties I would be wearing them to school that very day. I begged her to not make me do that. I knew Cindy was hearing what was going on. Mother said she would spank me when I got home from school and that I would tell Cindy that I was sorry for playing with her panties. Mother stopped for a second and said my they smell of a girl scent. I was putting on the panties when I heard a click of Cindy's new Polaroid camera I started to cry but Mother just said stop the crying or you will be in diapers. I sucked it up real fast.

When I came down for breakfast Cindy was smiling and tapping her foot. Mother had gone to get the Pancakes for Cindy and I so Cindy had time to make me know she was going to make me do something or she would tell it all. I begged her not to do that. On the walk to school, she said that I would be her sissy maid. I was told that she wanted her panties washed out by hand and they better be clean or you will lick them clean. All-day at school I was sweating and nervous. Finally, the bell rang and I got my books to do my homework and I tried to get home before Cindy did. My hopes were dashed when I saw her sitting on the doorstep. When I got to her I told her I would not be her sissy maid. Cindy said yes you will you might as well make up your mind to do as I say. I walked past her and off to my room. I was doing my homework when mother got home Cindy met her at the door she was acting like she was crying and told Mother that a lot of her underwear was missing. They both came to my door, Mother told me to give them to her, I said what do you mean Cindy said she wanted her things back. After a long time, she went to my closet and called Mother to come look there were her petticoats and some of the old dresses that were too small for her.

Mother told me to come with her and she told Cindy to gather up all of the things I had taken. I was told that I would be wearing the old clothes after school and when school was out for the summer you will be wearing them all the time. I knew she meant it, I was crying like a baby, Mother said if you keep up that crying you will be my baby girl during the summer. I tried again to tell her that Cindy was doing something and she is trying to get me in trouble. Mother only laughed it off.

The clothes were hung in my closet and Cindy gets to lay out my clothes after school every day. The first day I was shocked when I saw what she had for me to wear. There was a pair of her purple panties with the ruffles and lace, the bra had some stuff sewed in the cups. I said I will look like Dolly that singer. She laid out stockings and a petticoat and a dress but the dress was way too short and small. I looked like some of the women in those houses. Day after day was more humiliation. Summer came way too soon. The first day Cindy had work for me to do and things to wear. I soon found out when I saw the outfits she had laid out. Most of them were not the things she had worn before. I ask Cindy where they came from. Cindy said that some of the girls when I told them they donated them for you. I yelled saying why did you tell them they will tell the guys. Cindy told me that some of them know about my little sissy maid and they wanted one to so they got their brothers in trouble so they could be the sissy maid for them. Not only that but some of us want to trade off our maids some times. Now go and put your panties on and get back soon, I want a sandwich.

I heard Cindy asking Mother if she could have him neutered so I won't be so whiny. Mother said that since he has been a good little maid we will see what happens over the summer.

Sissy Maid by Sis

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