This story is short but true in my mind. I had finished all my homework and was about to go out to play ball with the guys. Just as I picked up my glove my sister told me that our Mom had told her that we had to clean our rooms. I asked her to not tell Mom and I will clean it when I get home. Sis said nope you do it or I will tell her. I asked her what would it take for her to clean my room? She said no way that room stinks. I remembered I had been given a book that had a Hollywood guy's life story. I offered it to her if she would clean and she jumped at that. I told her the book was in my top drawer.

I was off to the game and she was in to cleaning my room. About the time we finished the game my sister came over to me and I asked if she cleaned my room and she said OH yeah and I think we have something to talk about. I asked her what she meant and she said one word panties. My brain pushed everything to the back and a pair of silky pink panties that I had taken from her room a couple of days ago. I looked at her and saw I was in for trouble. Sis had a way of thinking when it came to me. She was always trying to get me in trouble with Mom. We both started walking toward home. Sis was giggling and she pulled just a piece of her pink panties from her pocket. I began to sweat real hard I wanted to run but knew that would not help.

When got home I was begging her to not tell anyone. She told me that I was to tell her every thing you did with them and others as she pulled out a piece of some blue ones from her other pocket. She pointed to the couch. We sat and she said if I think you are lying I will make you sorry and you know I don't give second chances. My words began pouring out as I told her what she wanted to know.

I started playing with your panties about a year ago. I stole them from the hamper and in your room. I found a pair in the bathroom that you had left on the floor. I had never done anything like this but I picked them up and I started to throw them in the hamper and my finger got caught on them and they swung them back in my face, at that she laughed I smelled them and tossed them in the hamper and that is how it started. She told me that the things I told her were not enough I want to you write down every time you took my panties and buy the way she produced a pair that I had taken from one of her friends that had spent the night. She said even the other girls panties that you took. You will also clean my room every day except if Mom is home. One more thing you will be wearing an outfit that I lay out for you. You may go to my room now and put on the one that I set out for you my new sister. I walked to her room and saw an old dress that she wore a few years back and me being smaller than she was. I undressed and took off my clothes and my thingy was sticking up. Suddenly she opened the door and said my my is that all you got and she started to laugh I was in tears having my sister see me naked and about to put on her stuff. She watched as I put on each thing. The dress was way to short and the shoes were to tight which made me walk as if I has something up my butt.

I have been her sister for about five years when she went off to collage and I was told that I would be taking her room since Mom wants my room to do coupons and stuff. When Sis getting on the bus she said write to me little sis. My Mom looked at us and said that is funny.

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