from Tony

Dear Auntie Helga,

Without your website we would have troubles learning what Mistresses want and what sissymaids do. I like wearing my uniform and all the accessories for some reason. The idea of becoming a maid for my wife was on my mind for a long time but I feared she would leave me. It took some planning which I owe to some letters on your website for me to talk about my dream. What I have learned is having a desire to do something causes excitement inside us males which at times overrides common sense or clear thinking. That excitement must have been clear to my wife the night we talked about me as her maid. I do believe women can detect males excitement and in many cases it can and has been used against them. Oh well that is how the world goes round.

You brought up submissive which is something I never thought of myself as being. One thing I learned was the minute I was fully dressed in front of Jackie feelings of something occurred inside me. If I had dressed alone without Jackie at home I might have even backed out of it. Why do I say it that way? If I was home alone then dressed myself for Jackie but before she arrived I may have looked in the mirror and quickly taken it all off. Since I dressed in front of Jackie there was no option to back out for me and I knew it. Jackie smiled as I dressed without chuckling so as to keep me focused as though she knew exactly what she was doing. Once I was dressed Jackie took on a new look without laughing or making fun of me. It was then I felt Jackie was happy she agreed to allow me to be her maid.

As time has gone on my role as her maid has become stronger in her mind and mine. I realized Jackie was more accepting than I ever dreamed and in fact in favor of taking it to the next step or more steps. I did let Jackie know you and I have been in communication and asked if she would also communicate with you which she agreed to do sometime this week. I also shared what you told me about Mistresses of today and their desires to have control and feminize their sissymaids. I did ask Jackie if she still loved me the way she did before I out on a maid uniform. Her answer was more because I was showing her more love by becoming her sissymaid. Then I asked about breast implants and was she serious or was it a mind game. The answer was she felt strongly about me becoming more feminine which is what I actually wanted when I put on my maid uniform for the first time. We talked about it with me coming from wearing the uniform and taking on the role of maid. Jackie felt strongly I wanted more but was too chicken to bring it up. Jackie educated me by telling me as a sissymaid I was to expect changes to my life to be inline with what Mistresses want and what sissymaids must have. Breast implants are one of those things and yes I will be getting them before too long.

It was the end of the conversation as Jackie showed her authority by walking away after delivering the news. I also learned Jackie planned on me living as her sissymaid for the rest of my life and with her sister should anything happen to her. I have to admit even with me reading so much about sissymaids I never dreamed my wife turned Mistress would dive in all the way like some Mistresses I read about. I guess I thought some was fiction.

My bad


Thank you for your letter Tony. So true, our basic instincts including our sex drives can lead us to say and do things we otherwise wouldn't do, in this case your honest confession was more well received than expected and now you have to live with the consequences, but that is not a bad thing, I feel you are going to be very happy serving her.

Thank you for mentioning me and I am looking forward to hearing from her soon. It is so nice to see you both starting this lifestyle so enthusiastically and I know it going to work out, so long as you are obedient she will respond positively.

Auntie Helga

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