from Carl

Dear Auntie Helga,

I read the letters on your website every month and sometimes share them with my wife. The topic of petticoating has come up a few times without actually taking place. Some of the delays had been our lives busy with work and neither of us made time for it. Just before the holidays Mo got a new job that resulted in more work and some in the home office. The conversation about cleaning and housework came up again. Mo asked me what I thought about petticoating or taking on the maid title at home. I knew about the new job except I thought the petticoating conversations died. One thing I learned about women is topics are never dead. Mo and I sat down to talk about her lack of time and what needed to be done daily and weekly. Then we talked about what I knew how to do and what I needed help learning. Mo wasn't sure she would have the time to properly petticoat train me like some of the information we read on She went on to ask me just how much of petticoating training I wanted and what time she would have to fulfill it if any. Mo asked me if I would consider her sister helping me learn the ropes of was that asking too much. I wasn't to answer that until I knew what Mo wanted me to do and how she wanted me to do it. Mo felt that was fair which led her into the next part of the conversation. She told me she wasn't fond of pink satin sissy dresses however she liked a more conventional maid uniform in pink if I liked pink. Mo also went on to let me know if I wanted to be her maid she wanted me to look like one and yes it was fine for me to wear women's panties, bras, stockings and high heels or maid shoes. I felt Mo's offer was fair for her and me if I wanted to go ahead. We both agreed to think about it over the weekend as we had plans to help her sister move.

Monday came and Mo and I talked about, then agreed I would get prepared over the next few days. Even though Mo didn't have time to participate in petticoating she did have some ideas for me. Mo insisted I go get fitted for my bras and while there buy panties, stockings, a girdle. She looked up where to buy maid uniforms and shoes in larger sizes. Mo was adamant I do all my own shopping if she gave me the sizes. I hesitated big time while she took some measurements. Mo told me I would have to try the shoes on in the store or buy a few pairs then take back what didn't fit. I didn't want to have a bra fitting but Mo insisted without a fitting I would not be happy wearing them and I was to take her word for it.

Auntie Helga I did as Mo wanted to purchase all of it including the bra fitting that was so humiliating. The only savior was Mo knew the woman there so I went in the back door. It was only me and the bra fitter. How many husbands end up being maids and not sissymaids? Do you think sometime in the future Mo will want to go the sissymaid way with me?

I don't pick up the uniforms until tomorrow since they had to order pink ones for me. I knew Mo liked pink after she saw a few sissies wear it.

I hope you approve of me making a first attempt for Mo. She wants it this time more than I do but in all fairness to her I have to help her.


Thank you for your letter Carl. How nice to hear from you and thank you for writing. I am pleased to hear that you enjoy the site and share it with your amazing wife. I am also happy to see that you and she are having an honest conversation about this new lifestyle choice.

While it might have been humiliating to be fitted for a bra, it was the right thing to do, its important, trust us. Its fairly common that husbands are given the opportunity to be conventional maids rather than sissymaids, some wear modern dress, others in Victorian styles.

I couldn't say if she will but if she does, it will be a wonderful experience for her and you would adapt. I full approve of this decision to sacrifice a little of your masculinity to make her happy and her life easier.

Auntie Helga

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