from Gerald

Dear Auntie Helga,

I was petticoated at the hand of my beloved maternal grandmother in the late 1950's when I was nine.

I was a typical nine year old boy. By that I mean I was rebellious, frequently disobedient, unruly and often just generally obnoxious. My mother was a principal at a middle school. In those days corporal punishment was the norm. When I misbehaved she spanked me. One day after a spanking she told me that she spanked naughty boys all day long at school and was not going to keep coming home and spanking me. She told me that something was going to change.

One day I was playing in my room and I heard my mother talking to my grandmother on the phone. I could tell that they were discussing me and my bad behavior. When my mother hung up the phone she came into my room and told me that on Sunday she was going to take me to visit my grandmother and grandfather. I was so excited. They lived on a farm in the Midwest. The farm had woods and a creek, a pasture for their cattle and a large field where they grew wheat. They also had a German Shepard named Mike. It was heaven and I couldn't wait till Sunday.

The farm was about a three hour drive from our home and we arrived late Sunday afternoon. It was wonderful to see my grandmother and grandfather and especially Mike. Mike and I played outside while my mother and grandmother visited. Monday was a great day! I played with Mike and helped my grandfather feed the stock. We worked on the combine in preparation for the upcoming wheat harvest.

On Tuesday morning a friend of my grandmother brought a puppy to the house. They had agreed to watch the puppy for a few days while her friend was out of town. We were in the kitchen and the puppy was rambunctious. My grandmother picked the puppy up to put her outside and the puppy got excited and peed on her blouse as puppies sometimes do. My grandmother told me to sit at the table and watch the puppy through the window and not to look at her. She removed her blouse and began to rinse it out in the sink. My grandmother was very beautiful for a woman in her fifties and very voluptuous. It was more than I could stand and I sneaked a quick peek at her bra and her breast. She caught me looking on my second glance! She stopped her rinsing, jerked me up from the table and led me by the hand to her bedroom.

She pulled my jeans and underwear down, put me over her knee and began spanking me with her hair brush. After three hard smacks she abruptly stopped and I remember her saying, "This won't do". She had me sit on the bed and pulled off my shoes, socks, jeans and underwear. She had me raise my arms above my head and pulled off my T-shirt. She went to her dresser and brought back an assortment of girl's clothes. She had me stand up and step into a pair of girls' panties! I don't recall protesting as I was still focused upon her breast. Next came the stockings, the slip, a white blouse that buttoned up from the back, black shoes that were slightly too big, and a plaid pinafore! I remember her saying that the pinafore was too big and wouldn't do. I remember how thankful I was for that.

She put on a clean blouse and led me to her sewing room. She took a few measurements and had me remove the pinafore. She was quite an accomplished seamstress and in less than fifteen minutes had made the necessary adjustments. She went to another room and returned with a white ruffled three hooped petticoat. I slipped into it and the pinafore. It fit perfectly! That night I slept in girls pajamas. They actually felt very nice.

The next morning I was dressed in girls shorts, a frilly top and pink tennis shoes. Late in the evening my grandmother called me in and I was again dressed in the pinafore. I was told that I could play in the backyard as long as I didn't get dirty. The next thing I knew Mike and the puppy had escaped the yard and were running for the woods. I immediately ran after them. They were near the creek and as I reached down to pick up the puppy I lost my footing and fell in. I was a mess. My outfit was wet and muddy and to make matters worse my black shoe had come off and I could not retrieve it.

When I got home my grandmother was waiting in the back yard and she was livid! She stripped me naked right there in the backyard! My grandfather retrieved the shoe from the creek with a rake while my grandmother gave me a bath. I was put to bed without any dinner. Later that night I overheard my grandmother talking on the phone apologizing to a friend for missing the Wednesday evening worship service. I had forgotten that my grandparents always went to church on Wednesday nights. It didn't dawn on me then that my grandmother's intention was to take me to church dressed as a girl!

The next morning a car pulled up to the farmhouse and two of my grandmothers' friends got out carrying packages. My grandmother greeted them and they went to her sewing room and closed the door. My grandmother called me to come in a few minutes later. I was still in my girl pajamas. One of the ladies removed my pajamas and had me step into a pair of white bloomer panties and a full little girl slip. My grandfather brought my white stockings that he washed and was dismissed. My grandmother took my measurements and the ladies went to work on making me a white dress! It had a laced rounded collar, lace from my elbow to my wrist and a lace waist. They had me try in on, made a few adjustments and it was done. I was so embarrassed standing there as they admired their handiwork. I remember one woman saying, "Spare the dress, spoil the boy" and another saying, "Dress the boy, spread the joy". They all laughed.

The next few days passed and finally Sunday morning arrived. After breakfast my grandmother said that it was time for us girls to get dressed for church. I immediately protested and begged my grandmother to please not make me wear a dress to church. She tenderly placed her hands on my cheeks and said, "It is the will of God for males to be obedient to the women that He has placed in charge of their lives" and then she kissed me. It didn't take long for us to dress. My outfit was topped off with a pink bow, new white shoes and a small white purse.

We arrived at church and it was even more humiliating that I ever could have imagined. I was met with sneers, laughter and comments about what a cute little sissy I was. I just bowed my head in the service and cried. My grandmother opened my purse and placed a handkerchief in my hand and told me to wipe my tears and sit up straight. I did as I was told. The service finally ended and the departure was just as cruel as the arrival. I did find out that one of the ladies that helped make my dress was actually the pastor's wife!

When we arrived at the farmhouse my mother's car was there. My bags were packed and already in the car. My mother and grandmother visited for a few minutes while my older sister teased me unmercifully. We got in the car to go home and I was still in my dress! My humiliation and emasculation was complete when we stopped at a café for lunch. My mother told me to get out of the car and I simply replied, "Yes, mother".

My petticoating continued for the next five years at the loving hands of my mother and sister. But, that's another story.


Thank you so much for sharing your petticoating experiences with your grandmother, a woman of conviction and strong belief in strict child rearing and if one were to read between the lines, it would appear she also controlled your grandfather to a degree. We would also love to read about how your mother and sister continued your petticoating.

Auntie Helga

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