from Aggie

Dear Helga,

I think that the main thing about this kind of discipline, is that it must be kept up at all times.

This is so important, as I have learned with my son Jayne, if young master trouble gets the chance, he will revert to his naughty little ways at the drop of a hat. So, having got ones' errant, child, boyfriend, or husband, under the thumb, one must make sure that he is reminded of his place at all times, and if he fails in the slightest way at all; then a reckoning must be swift, and to the point. Obviously, the wearing of girly clothes, especially of a very juvenile style, is something that keeps the wearer constantly conscious of his predicament, and particularly where visitors, or even strangers are concerned, having to explain why he is dressed so is a most humiliating experience.

I have no real experience with baby treatment, but I must admit, that when my daughter in law dressed Jayne in nightie and nappies prior to me "Babysitting" him while she went out for the night, he looked so sweet, and the shame, and humiliation, was obviously very hard to bare, even for him. I also remember reading a letter from a lady, who's' mother made her husband suck on a dummy at a supermarket checkout. This must have absolutely mortified the poor boy, but, at the same time, doing as mummy told him, in front of a crowd of onlookers, displayed her total control, and his total subjection. The thing that struck me about this was its simplicity. A dummy can be carried quite easily in a handbag, pocket, or even pinned to the unfortunates clothing, so that it may be produced at any time in order to judiciously humiliate the sub, and, knowing this, would no doubt keep him on his best behaviour.

There are any amount of other, less humiliating, but nevertheless very good options for keeping the sub male reminded of his role in public. For example, if I and my Daughter in Law go out together, I expect Jayne to be in the driving seat as a chauffeur, while Elizabeth and I sit in the back. I expect him to curtsy as he assists us to and from the car, he must always display a cheerful countenance and manner, and always walk several paces behind us, keeping an eye out for such doors etc. that he might need to open for us.

Indoors, he may only speak when spoken to, should he need to say something, he must stand to attention, right hand raised to his shoulder, and wait to be asked. He must stand to attention anytime an adult enters the room, must never be seated while another in the room is not, and must always ask permission to leave an occupied room.

Finally, and this is something that seems to crop up in many letters, the capacity for the male to indulge in self-abuse. I have often heard other ladies refer to that unsightly appendage as, the male brain, and I have to say from my own experience, that this is certainly not far from the truth, as most of their waking hours seem to be concerned with either thinking about it, fondling it, or just out and out playing with it until their filthy urges are satisfied. For those with girlfriends or wives, this is sometimes varied by putting it to the use it was intended for, but even then, I am convinced that most will play with it at any given opportunity.

Considering how early these urges start, putting children into some sort of restraint is not really an option, although I have seen some posts from a lady who puts her 13-year-old into nappies at night, this is in order to, in the first place, make this kind of activity more difficult, and in the second, so that it is impossible for the boy to hide his nocturnal habits. Whether she punishes him on finding this I don't know, however it does sound like a very good way of shaming the culprit.

With my own child, Jayne, I first noticed that a pair of my knickers would go missing from the laundry basket for a couple of days, only to return with deposits of a substance that ladies just don't produce! My answer to this was to make him stand in front of me, describing exactly how and why he was doing this, which would often reduce him to tears. Then a spanking followed by corner time, with him wearing the offending item on his head. He would also have to write things like "I must not steal mummy's knickers from the laundry basket" 250 times, each time I thought he might have been naughty. Of course, the result was that he stopped taking my things, and also a lot of his spare time was taken up in writing lines.

At around 16, he got very rebellious, with the result that the spankings were somewhat more severe as I used a tawse, and I also started to make him wear a pair of my panties on his head again, this went on until he left school, at which time it was straight into penile restraint, with legs and genitals shaved, a condition that went on for several years. At this time, I would require him to beg me for relief, usually about once a fortnight, but often I would refuse this, he would be spanked to remind him that this was for his health rather than pleasure, he had to masturbate into a pair of my panties, washed and back into the restraint before the inevitable corner time, with the wet knickers on his head, and of course, 500 lines to follow.

I do hope this letter is not to long Helga, and by all means post it if you think it will help other ladies control their husbands urges.

Yours sincerely,

Thank you for your letter Aggie. I agree that when you start with petticoating it should continue throughout her life including as you have, with her wife. I also prefer the use of little girl clothes, this is not cross dressing, this is punishment, the frillier the better along with the lacy panties when required, wouldn't you agree?

Personally I am not that big a fan of the baby treatment, frankly, its just too much work and I preferred the clothes/humiliation do the job along with the occasional use of severe discipline using a variety of instruments.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share your experiences and wisdom with my readers.


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