Letter 4
(From Madame Vol 15 No 1)

Dear Miss Candida,

I recently came across your magazine, and at last I feel that we are winning the war of the sexes. My story, which is 100% true, may be of interest to you. I had been going out with a young man for about six months, and we got on well together. However, two things puzzled me: we never met on Sundays at all, in spite of the fact that I wanted to, and when I asked when he was going to take me home to meet his mother, with whom he lived, he would always dodge the issue.

One Sunday I decided to go unannounced and present myself to his mother. I found the house and rang the bell. A very smart lady answered the door. 'I'm Susan', I said. 'Peter may have mentioned me. Is he in?'

She smiled and shook my hand. 'Come in, dear, I'm his mother, and yes, he is in'. She said Peter often talked of me, and would be surprised to see me here. I was given a seat in the lounge, and heard her call Peter, and then she returned to talk to me.

A few minutes later the lounge door opened and in walked Peter. When he saw me I thought he was going to faint. He stood there dressed in a full-skirted blue taffeta frock which was about two inches shorter than the petticoat underneath it, nylon stockings and court shoes. I burst out laughing, and he went as red as a beetroot.

His mother then told him to make some tea and serve it in his best pinafore. He went out without a word. She then told me that when he had reached his teens he had become quite ill-mannered and difficult to manage, and had stayed out late on nights when he should have been at home. She told her sister and asked for advice. Her sister came to stay for a while, and brought a case of her daughter's clothes.

When Peter came home he was told that as a punishment he would be dressed in petticoats and a frock until further notice. He said there was no way that would happen. His aunt replied that since he had refused, he would now have to beg to be allowed to wear girls' clothes. Without another word they grabbed him, and while his mother held him and ordered him to stay still, his aunt stripped him naked.

It was quite cold, and he was told, 'You can stay like that for as long as you like, even if we have visitors, or you can put on a petticoat and frock'. His mother said he held out for about ten minutes in the nude before he asked for something to wear. His aunt asked him to be more specific. He then asked for a skirt and was refused. A frock was also refused, but if he had asked for something else, hinted his aunt archly, then a frock would have gone with it.

Choking on his words, he asked, 'Please Auntie, may I be allowed to wear a petticoat?'

His request was granted, and one of his cousin's satin petticoats slid down his body. He was kept like that for a full hour. When his aunt told him he could now put on a frock, he couldn't get it on quickly enough. Ever since then his mother said that she had made him wear female attire for one full day a week, as a reminder that she was the boss in this house.

Peter returned with the tea. He was now wearing a crisp white nylon pinafore over his frock, which almost seemed to reflect his still red face. We had finished the tea and Peter cleared away, he still hadn't said a word. On his return his mother told Peter to show me the rest of the house. He took me to his room at my request, and showed me his wardrobe. He said that he was sorry that I had seen him in a frock, and as he couldn't do anything about it, we had better part.

I informed him that from now on I would visit every Sunday, and take an active part in dressing him in his petticoats and other frillies. I would also be taking him out in the car to visit girlfriends. This we have now done on three occasions, much to his dislike. On the last trip one of my girlfriends produced a frilly white nylon nightie, which we made him wear with nothing else on except a satin ribbon tied around his wee wee.

Blue for a boy, of course!
Yours sincerely,

Susan Cooper

Susan does not tell us if she married Peter. Rather the letter seems to suggest that the relationship is over, which is a pity. It sounds like she would be the perfect mate for him, and young ladies who take so readily to the joys of petticoat government can be hard to find. It is possible that Peter's mother may have caused a break-up in some way. Often the mothers of petticoated young men can be very defensive at the thought that they might lose an excellent and perfectly trained housemaid.

Much like the story around the fire, the occasional reprint from the past especially at Christmas can be a celebration of the season as Susan knew so well and offered a smile, another one from our Christmas 2001 Issue.

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