from Sissy Malinda

Dear Auntie Helga,

I wanted to share our story with you in hopes it will help other wives and husbands. Some men might feel an end to their life if they are petticoated. It's not and end at all but a new beginning to learn how to please a woman the way she was intended to be pleased. Connie taught me more about pleasing her after I became her sissymaid.

Most men have their own ideas how to please a woman and don't really listen to their wives until they become sissymaids. Although Connie totally feminized me and I was terrified before and after surgery our life together is better than before. I worship the ground she walks on and she rewards me for it.

Most men wouldn't know this but let me say it anyways. I forgot the feelings of using the penis I once had which allowed me to concentrate on Connie. The feeling I get bringing her to orgasm is fantastic. She shows how much she loves me every single time.

We still read your website and hope to see more women enter into this life.

Sissy Malinda

Thank you for your letter Sissy Malinda. Not many men would sacrifice their manhood to this extent, I'm sure she must appreciate that level of devotion, service and love. I am so happy for both of you to have come to this lifestyle.

Auntie Helga

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