from Rose

Dear Helga,

I thought I would send an update on chrissie. Just a continuation of how I enforce Fem-Dom and keep my sissy sub husband submissive; I hope other Ladies follow or at least try some of my ways, at least try it once and see if you get a positive reaction from your sub. Humiliation adds the "Foam" to the top of the beer, the "bubbles" in the Champaign during session; it is the much needed "attention to details" action or actions. Just "those little extras" that grabs your subs' mind and throws them into sub-land. It is nothing more but embarrassing him, that simply. Make him do things he would not normally do. Example, you can gag your sub, or you can "panty" gag your sub. The latter will get more of his attention. You could go a step further and WET panty gag him and I am sure his cock will grow an inch larger.

You should from time to time be giving him "corner time" or some other sort of abuse to humiliate him and get him in the mood before you start a session and also after a session as a cool down period. Before or after a session, maybe hands tied behind his back, gagged and in the corner for a few moments to get him ready or let him cool down.

If not corner-time or time-out, think of something. I will sometimes just tie him somewhere, maybe hog-tied for a few moments or maybe just a simple collared and leased to the hand rail of the stairs. If I select corner-time, I will pull his sissy panties down to his knees like the sissy he is and add some verbal humiliation, so now his cock and ball and that sweet pussy is exposed, on display, humiliating as he stands there sucking on my panties, huh?

I will use this cool down period to maybe attach a new diaper on him or select panties and something for him to wear after a hot session, maybe his big pink granny panties with ruffles. Never just end a session with you or he cumming or just having an orgasm and then clean up and go back to normal... so wrong... so mechanical. Its not about orgasms to these sissies. They want to pamper and service you while you humiliate them.

Matter of fact, one rule I just adopted lately is that after any play time or session or anytime chrissie has been present, chrissie will sleep in panties and a nightie until morning, no exception. But I like going one step further and require him to be diapered under his nightie. But if you commit to this rule. IT'S UP TO YOU TO ENFORCE IT AND NOT TO FORGET TO DRESS HIM FOR BED OR MAYBE A FEW HOURS BEFORE!!! THIS IS AGAIN HUMILIATION. And it does not have to be just during a session or playtime, you can make him wear stuff to bed just to hold him in sub-land hence, humiliation. See, it's the little things that drive them into submissiveness and remind them that he is your sissy, your play thing. You could have him sleep in panties and a nightie at bedtime, or you could verbally berate him as you attach a nice fat diaper on under that nightie, see? Tell him that all sissies should be nicely padded in their bedtime diaper. Be verbal. You have no idea how much these little things invade your subs mind and makes him focus on the fact that you are his Mistress and you control him, he is your sissy, your sub, your bitch.

So, without the "foam and bubbles" you may satisfy his thirst, but not his hunger for being dominated. Kind of make sense? But, remember, humiliation is just one of the tools you have to dom your sub, there are so many other ways, this is just sort of a CONDIMENT. You just mix and match what tool or tools you will use on him at playtime.

Well today I decided it would be a day of "Humiliation" for chrissie. I do this often and it really keeps him focused. He may just iron clothes, or maybe do house work or maybe just made to prance around all day as I drag him by his leash. Or he can spend a day dressed and locked in his large slut cage, hopeless and gagged. This is a large dog caged modified for my sissy. It will be a long, very long day. He will be dressed all today and doing chores, yes dressed. But not fem like, today is humiliation day and I decided it will a "Waddle Day" while he performs his house chores thru-out the day. If anyone drops by, I just rush him into a bedroom, clip his hands behind his back, gag him and he just stand around and waits until they leave.

These are important days for these sissies and they look forward to them. It humiliates and embarrasses him and reminds him that he is your sissy, keeps him focused, and keeps him submissive. Sooooo, very important day. So you need to stay focused on him once you start this playtime and be involved, smack his ass, verbally insult or berate him, stop him through-out this time from now and then and make him suck your strapon several times, maybe give him time out once in a while, just stay involve. The worst thing a mistress can do is to dress her sissy and forget he is running around in sub-space. Again, it is all about humiliation, they want it, crave for it and love it.

If you follow my articles, which are all true accounts of domming my lovely submissive husband, you know I am a stern, uninhibited Mistress and all infraction by my sissy husband are met with punishment. Chrissie is no wimp, by any means, he is a strong, attractive, well built guy. I make him a wimp, he is just very submissive when held in that demeanor. Neglect him and he slowly reverts back to this macho guy. I prefer my sissy. We live a vanilla life among all of our friends with the exception of a life long friend, Mistress Kathy, which I just recently introduced to chrissie.

Although chrissie is often covertly dressed around most of the ladies unbeknownst to them, well I do invite them to the house a lot to give me that occasion for covert dressing, I find this is another way of holding chrissie in a sissy status. I do not dress chrissie covertly if there are other husbands around, with the exception of a few guys because I think they too are a little unmanly... hehe...

Chrissie has constant, daily rules he must adhere and to follow, to keep him focused on his status around here for example, clean shaven from neck down, must wear 2 kotex pads and tight panties when ever around his sisters or during their visits, just to name a few. I demand this dress attire around s sisters since that is how this fetish all began, playing with his sister's panties. So we do have rules. But we also live a vanilla life with the exception of 2-3 days a week of reinforcing his sissy-hood and sub-status. It's just that when play time comes, I demand certain things and we PLAY! There is no hold-backs!!

I also modify a lot of his clothes we buy at thrift shops so I get the effect that I am looking for when he is dressed as my sissy. Most of his dresses have been hemmed to where his ruffled panties or diapers are always on display. I have tighten up some of his blouses and tighten up a few of his skirts so they are sort of a "Hobbler skirt" to where he can only take small steps while wearing them. This is very entertaining when he is in FEM-WARE, watching him shake his ass as he walks in heels. A few of his dresses have been modified so his bra cups are exposed as well as a few of his maid outfits since I require he wear these HUGE breast at times. "J,K and L cup bras.

When he is diapered he will always be padded with folded towel(s) filler or two. I do not like saggy diapers, I find them disgusting looking and not submissive looking at all. The diaper package should be big and puffy. They need to be packed to where his thighs are separated and result in a waddle, one of the purposes for me diapering him in the first place. As you read this story you will see that I am particular in the way he dresses. If he is being punished, he may sleep in a diaper packed as outlined in this story. This of course make it very difficult for him to sleep in since he can't close his legs and there is a real hump under him and in front of the diaper as well, but oh well, isn't that what discipline is about.

So today he will be dressed and given a chore list to do as I am going to be in and out as I have a few runs to make today, book store, post office, etc. He will spend the day dressed and working. I will play with him from time to time, make him suck my dildo, maybe service me, just keeping his attention. Today he will be dressed to be "made to waddle" and not be able to close those sissy thighs as he walks, well I should say WADDLE and performs his chore. This is not the attire that allows him to get down on his knees very easily or allows me to play with his pussy while he works and you have to be aware of that, his chores for today should be things like ironing, kitchen cleaning, running the vac, standing chores.

Chrissie had taken a shower and you could smell his sissy perfume as he stood attached to the end of my large thick poster bed. He stood there wearing his tight pink panties and two Kotex pads held up by a belt (you can still get them from the internet), with his hands locked behind his back by cuffs, his slut collar which has a "D" ring in the center and one on each side were tied to the bed poles holding him center of the posts. His head was pulled up to the canopy rails on top of the bed post by his ball gag. This particular gag has a "D" ring in the middle of the ball that allows me to tie him where ever I feel. His head is pulled up to the top of the bed canopy to where he is just about on his toes, yes, a little uncomfortable and again much needed attention.

Mistresses have to stop and pay attentions to the small things, at least to you. To them it is a big thing and shows them that you are involved in paying attention to make it uncomfortable for him, your job! Just an extra tug on a gag strap, or maybe a panty hood (WET, of course) will gain you an ½ inch in cock size, pay attention.

He now stands there just waiting and excited as I make the selection for the day, as any good Mistress should do... Hint, Hint!!

I have selected the following for his attire today;

A large Velcro closure diaper;

His large foam pad as a filler pad insert into his diaper (again, just a non-swimmer foam 10" wide waist belt bought at West Marine and modified to fit between his legs with a waist belt;

Two nicely large folded bath towels to fit over or onto the form pad for added puff (he will have quite a load between his legs); pull-on diaper panty ;

A tube of Icy-Hot;

A nice 5" thick cock head butt plug and a very tight black panty girdle ( since the diaper will prevent me from enjoying his pussy)

His short steel chastity cage with lock and pee tube;

His extra extra large granny bloomer or knickers (found in a thrift shop) that I modified with 3 rows of wide pink lace bows around each bottom leg opening, quite sissy panties;

His black cutout bra;

His large "K" cup bra and rice filled stocking as fillers;

A pair of cut-out pantyhose, White;

His 12 garter extra wide garter belt;

Black seamed thigh high stocking;

4" black pump heels;

White and black sissy ankle stocks

White fluffy petticoat;

Black and white short maid outfit/dress that I have modified to allow his large bra cups to protrude from and be exposed;

White maid bonnet; and finally,

His long brown wig and makeup.

The bed was filled with all these assortment of what he would be wearing today.

Before I released him from the bed, I turned him around and stroked his cock as I verbally berated him telling him he better be a good maid today. His cock was as always, huge and it already started to leak, which was smeared on his lips and over his nose.

I released him and told him to get dressed. He put his cut-out bra around him and fastened it. It was very tight and pushes what breast he has out very nicely. He can just barely fill a loosely fitted "A" cup bra, but in a tight bra , and his breast pulled in to the cups, he fills it well. A tight cutout bra like this one really pushes them out to maybe just shy of a "B" cup with his erect nipples on display for abuse. His nipples were already erect but sadly they will be cover for most of the day. I did take this time though to pinch and bite his nipples for several minutes that drove him crazy.

To be continued...


Thank you for your letter Rose. Wow! What a fantastic day, my dear readers Rose is an experienced Mistress with years of experience, I share her letters to illustrate possibilities, and they are endless. You may however not wish to go to this extreme or maybe further, the thing is, its your choice, there is no one right way, there is only your way, play, enjoy and have fun together.


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