By Lesley (and Penelope)

PDM IN THE 21st CENTURY - 2001


I had first discovered petticoat Discipline Monthly whilst surfing the net searching for "Petticoat Discipline" towards the end of 2000. I was delighted to find such a well-produced site catering to my favourite hobby and immediately resolved to become a contributor. When I informed my dear husband of my intention to share our story and pictures on the world-wide web he was, of course, appalled to think that images of him so prettily attired in his frilly maid's outfits were to be on display to anyone in the world who happened across the site. His pleas to prevent this further humiliation were abject - which only made me all the more determined to go ahead!

In the January edition therefore, my dear Penelope made his debut on the web. My short letter revealed something of our story of how I had achieved this (for me) highly desirable situation and also featured a picture of Penelope in one of his early pink outfits complete with beautiful frilly pinny (still one of my favourites) which Susan MacDonald was kind enough to describe as "the most thoroughly pinnied man she had ever seen". This was to be the start of a remarkable journey for us.

I loved this new opportunity to have fun at the expense of my husband and photo-shoots, usually with guests, became a regular occurrence, leading to no less than six appearances for Penelope in PDM during 2001. The February issue was rather quiet from my perspective but featured a very good letter reproduced from "Janus" magazine entitled "Another Pinafored Prisoner" detailing a wife's transformation of an errant husband into a feminised and humiliated housemaid.

March saw Penelope's second appearance when I featured what I still consider to be his best-ever outfit with a superb bright pink satin blouse to match his pinny and masses of old fashioned petticoats and a pair of pink long-legged bloomers. As Susan commented it was difficult to imagine any man being more petticoated! April's issue saw two promising petticoating letters, but on examination both of which were reprints from old magazines - where were today's petticoaters?

Penelope reappeared in May. Her early appearances had provoked a number of readers letters in the "General Correspondance" section and I set about answering their queries, including some pictures, which he absolutely hated posing for showing his petticoating from the "skin outwards" starting with him in corselette and stockings and finishing in "full regalia". This issue also featured the first letter from a like-minded lady known as "Patsy C" with an account of the petticoating of her husband "Fifi". I was delighted when a follow-up letter appeared in June, which referenced my regime with Penelope and advised that Fifi was also to serve as a petticoated maid at a gathering of Patsy's friends. At last a like-minded lady?

July featured a reprint of an all-time classic letter "Girlie Perm for a Wayward Husband" which I had read many years before and was the inspiration for some of my "friends gatherings" for Penelope. The idea of dressing her unwilling husband as a maid and forcing him to serve a group of her friends, who were encouraged to participate in his humiliation became a template for many similar events for Penelope, though mine took the form of "clothes parties" rather than the hairdo forced upon the petticoated husband who was the subject of that letter. Anyone who has never read that letter should do so - it absolutely encapsulates the perfect example of "petticoat punishment". This letter was another from the collection of the aforementioned Peter Farrer.

There were two contributions from me in August. Noting the interest in Classic Letters I contributed a tale "Arrogant Male Tamed in Petticoats" which referenced a letter from "Madame" magazine entitled "Clive's Comeuppance" in which a manager in a factory is very forcibly and elaborately petticoated by his female staff - a brilliant letter. I also recounted one of my first shopping trips with Penelope when I took him to a very old-style department store, Jacksons of Reading, which had a dept specialising in ladies Workwear. I had great fun getting him to try on and purchase some pretty work overalls and pinnies, much to the amusement of the sales staff! I had in fact first heard of the store, which I'm pretty sure no longer exists, from another letter in PDM.

Their does not appear to have been an issue published in September (9/11) but October was a classic featuring the best set of new letters yet, including my set of pictures of Penelope in her new "Winter Outfit", some more wives letters and another classic reprint "The Office Girls Revenge" again detailing the punishment petticoating of a colleague known as "The Office Wolf". Also In this issue there was a comment on my letter from "Maid Angela" (a member of the mythical "staff" at, suggesting that I should expand my activities with Penelope to include more trips out in public "en femme". This, as will be seen, was to have far-reaching consequences, and was just the sort of interaction I was hoping to achieve from my participation in PDM.

November contained few items of real interest for me but the December "Xmas Special" was a triumph with many interesting articles and no less than 24 high quality letters. My own contribution was "Penelope's Own Story" having got my dear husband/maid to recount his story of how he came to be in his petticoated situation, with comments added by me. The issue also featured the final part of a very learned 4-part essay by Peter Farrer on the history of Petticoat Discipline in erotic literature. All in all a very fine publication to end the year.

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