Timothy was now aware of a moving sensation. He looked to his left, Emma, sat next to him, looking to his right was his Aunt, they were in the car on the way to London, he shook his head then slowly things began to come back to him and he vaguely remembered being helped from bed and bathed, something about no breakfast but he remembers a glass of water, then he remembered he had an appointment with a Doctor or someone. A voice in his ear said. Ah! he's finally awake, it was his Aunt, we are nearly there Timothy, you had a really good sleep. Just then they pulled into a small car park at the back of a large Victorian building He was ushered into the lobby. To the right there was a plain reception desk, a nurse sitting looked up. His Aunt spoke "Good morning I'm Jane Carrington, we have an appointment with professor Wilken- Spinks, the nurse looked at her appointment book. Ah yes, 12.00 o'clock, if you would go to the waiting room I will send someone in to you,as she spoke she gestured to a door on the right.

They had just sat when the door opened. A rather matronly looking nurse came in greeting them she was dressed in the current fashion of the day with a very starched collar, cuffs and headdress, but Timothy was very much aware of the long red rubber hospital apron covering her. She turned to Timothy. "You must be Timothy"? Come with me dear and I will get you ready for your examination, outside the waiting room she ushered him along the corridor and into another room. Timothy now began to have butterfies in his stomach wondering what was to happen, please remove all your clothes dear and we will get you ready, he hesitated, going very red. All... my clothes nurse??, she smiled, don't worry dear I see patients like you every day and as you are here to have a psychological assessment we have to take precaution for your safety as well as the clinical staff.

He timidly removed all his clothes and stood holding his hands in front of him, she went to a cupboard and returned holding a pair off long legged red rubber shorts saying, just in case we have leakage put these on, he immediately started to erect at the site of the red rubber but obeyed and put them on, they had very tight elastication at the knees and waist the nurse pulled them up very tight, showing his very strong erection beneath. She looked at him with a slight smile, but said nothing. Turning away again to a cupboard she took out a green hospital gown and held it out, just slip into this Timothy, it was one on those gowns that did up at the back. As he slipped his arms into the sleeves he gasped it was lined with rubber, she saw his reaction and said, a further precaution against any kind of mess. Coming round the back of him he felt her do up the fastening ties at the neck waist and bottom hem. She now came round facing him. "I don't want you to be alarmed dear she said, but because of the nature of your appointment you will have to wear a harness she stared at him watching his face, it's just a precaution that is now the rule here. In the past we have had one or two nasty confrontations. Waiting for his comments she said "If need be, I can get assistance, but I will aid you will wear it in the end so it's better to just submit and be a good boy".

She could see the concerned look he gave her but finally mumbled, yes nurse if you think it's better. Good she said. Turning to another cupboard she came back to him holding what looked like a maze of straps, she straightened it out and said "slide you arms through these two sections, It was like a pair of braces coming over his shoulders then reaching further down to his waist, once on his body she did up a strap running just beneath his chest and joined it to the shoulder straps he noticed two smaller straps at either side of his chest strap then the same type of strap round his waist, going to the back of him, he felt her do up a buckle at the middle of his back this was joined to the shoulder straps. There were other smaller straps each side attached to the waist strap taking his wrist she slipped it through the small loop at his waist and buckled it round his wrist quickly following by the other wrist, his hands were now secured either side of his waist.Turning her attention to the chest strap she secured his upper arms to the sides of the chest strap, going round the back of him he felt her pass a strap or straps attached to the back of the waist strap between his legs, and coming round to the front of him attached a strap that was split into two straps going either side of his testicles pulling them tightly up to the waist strap forcing his rubber gown and nickers hard up against his penis and testicles he let out a small groan, but this was ignored. She then went to each buckle and adjusted the strap making them all tighter, he whimpered a little more and said "they are very tight nurse, must they be so tight"? I'm afraid so dear I would not be doing my job properly if they were to come undone. I will just fetch the wheelchair and you can go back to the waiting room and sit with your Aunt. She left the room.Timothy stood rubber nickered, gowned and strapped helplessly, despite his ever increasing trepidation he was very aroused by what had been done to him and the way he was dressed in rubber Had he been able to move his hand, he would not be able to stop himself from again, being very naughty.

The door opened. The nurse returned pushing a heavy looking wheel chair, there we are she said sit yourself down and I will get you fastened in, she pushed it against the back of his legs and he sat, she then put a strap round his chest, another round his waist and kneeling down strapped his ankles tightly together. He didn't speak but was now trembling slightly, what on earth were they going to do to him??. He wondered if his Aunt knew what was taking place? There she said, I will just wheel you back to the waiting room.

On entering the waiting room he was very humiliated to have his Aunt and Emma see him dressed and strapped up as he was, the nurse pushed him directly in front of them. His Aunt, he thought she looked slightly puzzled but looking at Emma he saw a smug look of satisfaction on her face, his Aunt said "are you very uncomfortable Timothy ?" No Aunt, not too uncomfortable but why am I strapped up so tightly I promised to behave?" His Aunt said "I expect it's the rules dear, I'm sure it's for your own good. Just then the door opened and the same nurse came in pulling a trolly loaded with two cylinders and a maze of black corrigated tubing attached to an anesthetic mask, putting the equipment beside the wheelchair she said, "Now dear, don't be alarmed but I have to put you on gas and air to relax you for your interview with the professor". She turned her attention to the nobs on the machine and released them slightly, holding to mask to her face she took a few breaths and said just enough to keep you breathing while I adjust the mask on your face. Looking at Emma she said would you just assist for a moment dear, we find some patients try to avoid the mask, so if you would be so kind as to hold his head still until I have the mask securely strapped in position.

Turning her attention to him she said. "Now Timothy I want you to be very obedient and open your mouth nice and wide as I put the mask on, there is a large pacifier inside the mask which must be inserted into your mouth as the mask is put on. He looked appealing at his Aunt, but she simply said "do as you are instructed Timothy otherwise I'm sure the nurse has other methods to open your mouth". He submissively and slowly opened his mouth and the nurse brought the mask into position and with a slight push inserted the large rubber object into his mouth, he gasped and let out a gurgling noise and tried to turn his head but Emma held him very firm, he thought he would gag at the strong rubber taste but managed to hold it back, his mouth was now completely filled with black rubber. Ignoring his noise and attempt to avoid the mask she now drew two straps each side of from the back of his head and crossed them over the mouth and nasal mask, holding the mask tightly on his face another device came over his head splitting into two straps either side of his face and was snaked beneath his chin forming a rubber cup. this added to the affect of keeping his mouth tightly closed over the pacifier. It was then he was aware of the black rubber valve slowly inflating and deflating on the end of the mask, thus he was completely silenced and helpless to what ever they intended to do to him.

His Aunt now sat watching the boy as he breathed, the black rubber bladder attached to the corrugated tubing of the gas and air machine as it slowly inflated and deflated, it was almost hypnotic in it's action. Looking at the way he was strapped in the chair, had a slightly arousing effect on her, something she was at a loss to explain and she couldn't help wondering at the outcome of the action she had started. At that moment the door opened and the nurse that had looked after Timothy previously, came in breaking her chain of thought.

Doctor Allen is ready for Timothy to do his physical examination, before he goes in to see the professor, so I will wheel him through, would you like some more coffee or refreshments of some kind? Harriet said, "some more coffee would be welcome, thank you", "I'll have it sent through" she said!. Turning her attention to Timothy she said he certainly is more relaxed, "he's almost unconscious", with that she left wheeling the wheelchair constrained boy before her.

Out side of the door she took the mask from the boys face and continued to the surgery where a lady doctor and two nurses where waiting, they then released the straps holding him in the chair, but leaving the reins on, and his ankles still strapped together lifted him onto a operating table and once again he was strapped at the chest waist and ankles the hospital gown he was wearing was then opened at the front flap and the rubber knickers exposed. At this stage Timothy partially woke from the gas induced stupor he was in, and mumbled,"what's happening"?, One of the nurses said hush dear, everything is alright you are being looked after., Doctor Allen needs a semen sample, so be a good boy and remain silent while this is obtained.

Timothy, is spite of his half asleep condition he was aware of the knickers being pulled down and that his penis was being handled and something rubber being rolled down his now very hard erection, he tried to call out but the nurse placed a rubber gloved hand over his mouth and said again "shush dear it's alright, it's just a rubber sheath to catch the semen sample".

Again something firmer was being pushed over his penis and he felt a pressure building up over his penis. It reminded him of when he had, his blood pressure taken at the Doctors, suddenly there was a faint humming sound and the tight sleeve over his penis started to move up and down increasing in speed. He moaned and tried to shake his head but the rubber gloved hand held his mouth tightly closed and his head still, he felt the first tingle of the orgasm starting and suddenly it was as though he was transported into a frenzy of masturbation delight as his penis gushed copious amounts of semen. His brain telling him this was as his fantasies, only now it was happening and he felt completely submissive, but at the same time he knew he must resist being treated this way, something in his brain said it was wrong and as the orgasm subsided the guilt took over, as it always did.

The Doctor looked at him and said "there, Timothy that part is over, you have provided a good sample and we will now get it analysed while you see the Professor.

Meanwhile I will carry out some of the more basic examination's required, but I'm afraid you will have to remain in the reins for now as the hypnosis can sometimes cause a person to react in a very agitated way.

Please Doctor, couldn't you just release my ankles, at least, I'm sure I won't cause any trouble I feel so foolish strapped in this manner. He had, what he thought a pleading look on his face, but it didn't work as she said "sorry my dear I have to carry out the professor's directions. Now it's back in the wheel chair and into the professor's study. With that he was unstrapped from the table and lifted back into the wheel chair and again strapped in. The nurse pushed him into a large dimly lit office.

A middle aged man was sitting at the large desk that occupied the middle of the room. He looked up, and smiling said "Ah Timothy how nice to see you, I do hope all this has not been too uncomfortable for you, it will soon be over now once we get started". Standing up he came over with some sort of medical instrument in his hand and said "I need firstly to look and see if your eyes are nice and clear". He stooped down over the boy and said "look straight ahead into the light". Timothy did as instructed...............

Jane Carrington had finished the coffee and was now looking at the second magazine when the door opened and the face of the familiar nurse looked in. The professor is ready to see you now Miss Carrington. Jane stood up, thankful to be doing something at last and was shown into Professor Wilken -Spinks office, leaving Emma in the waiting room. Looking round, she expected to see Timothy sitting in the wheelchair. The professor invited her to sit in the chair facing him. Obviously he anticipated her curiosity, as he said "He is now being dressed and taken back in the waiting room and will not be aware of anything that has happened for the next thirty six hours, then he will have just a faint recollection of what has happened.

When she was sitting, he said firstly may I ask what is your relationship to Timothy as it will have an effect on what action you wish to take once I have revealed my prognosis? Harriet leaned back in the chair gathering her thoughts, then said "I was a very close friend of his father and when he told me he was terminally ill asked me to take the boy into my care, as there were no other family, I did, and he has been with me since he was thirteen. I knew very little about his early life except that when his mother died, his father employed a nanny, she paused then said the women's name was Selda Vogal, German, I think, but I'm not really sure as I only briefly saw her once. The professor spoke. "Well, there were possibly incidents at that time which has now triggered his condition. You see on the outside he is a fairly happy eighteen year old but underneath he is still a young boy with a large effeminant side to his nature and he has a strong rubber fetish, in other words he needs the security of being dominated completely to take away the responsibility of the real world. He paused.then said. What I am trying to convey to you dear lady is that if he continues to be troubled by this subconscious desire it could eventually impinge on his sanity.

The professor continued, I would ask you how far you are prepared to go to ensure his happiness and most importantly his sanity? Harriet looked concerned and a little flustered,and said. With respect professor, the question seems quite ambiguous but I will say this, that he was given into my care and I will honour that responsibility and will do all in my power to ensure his happiness and sanity as you have just stated, so if you would be so kind as to tell me what must be done, then I will take the appropriate action. ! My dear lady, the professor said, I can see you are a very strong determined woman and will not shrink from your responsibility, and please forgive me for my equivocation, but I wanted to know if you where prepared to go to any lengths before I revealed what should happen to the boy, so here is what I think would be the appropriate,action.

First you must hire a nanny, not just an ordinary nanny, but a specialist, someone who only works in this field, with this kind of boy, if you like I can recommend a lady with lots of experience and I believe she is free at the moment.

Harriet spoke "Sir I have no experience of these matters and would be very pleased to leave it entirely in your hands to organise whatever is necessary. The professor, picking up the phone, said good, dialed a number, waited a short while, then said ah, Miss Maud Wilberforce. Wilken-Spinks here, I hope you are well, may I ask if you have a position at the moment? Excellent he said, would you like a new position to supervise an eighteen year old boy. Jane could not hear the the answer but the professor's smile made her think it was favorable, he held his hand over the mouthpiece Miss Wilberforce is asking your location? Jane Carrington,said "The Grange, Highshire village about seventy miles from London, rail station. Highshire Stop. The professor related this over the phone, there was a short pause, then he said excellent. Putting down the phone he said Miss Wilberforce can be there, the latter part of tomorrow morning to discuss terms, if that is convenient for you? She is in London, so two hours on the train will suffice. Jane Carrington sat back relieved that something had been arranged and said. Yes that would be excellent, adding professor. I am deeply in your debt for what you've done it's a great relief to know Timothy is to be taken care of in the correct manner. Wilkin-Spinks stood up indicating he had finished and Jane stood. Oh, he exclaimed I will send a courier to Miss Wilberforce with Timothy's details of my prognosis so that when you see her tomorrow she will know what treatment Timothy needs, but I'm afraid her services will be required for a very long while. They shook hands and she returned to the waiting room. Once in the car they were both expectant to hear Timothy speak about what had happened but strangely he seemed quite unaware of anything just sitting rather sleepy and subdued between them if fact he slept most of the way home...........

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