I was home alone and trying to get all my chores done before Mistress came home. I was washing out her dirty panties and as she ordered I was to lick them before washing by hand. I got an reaction while doing this and started to play with myself. I had been doing it for only a minute when i heard her voice saying "what are you doing". I was shocked and began babbling and crying at the same time. I was ordered to go to the study. The study is a room where I am disciplined for misbehavior. I knew the paddle was one of her favorite toys. I stood waiting for over an hour. When she came in I was very quiet and waited for her to speak.

I felt her move closer to me and was soon right beside me and whispered in my ear saying what were you doing sissy in the wash room. I with my head down said I was playing with myself. Mistress said that I was to go to my room and I would be punished tomorrow since she was tried from being with a real man that evening and she did not want the thoughts she had of how big he was and how wonderful a real man feels inside her. I ask permission to leave and she swatted me on my back side and off she ordered.

I lay on my pad on the floor and thoughts ran through my head of what she would do for such a indiscretion of this magnitude. The night was long and I could not get much sleep as I waited for her to call me on my phone. I jumped as it rang and hurried to answer it before the third ring. She told me to shower and I was to make certain I was shaved from my nose to my toes. I did as she told me hoping this would satisfy her.

Upon completing her instructions I returned to my room to see a pair of satin panties, a padded bra and a very short petticoat as well there was a pink blouse and school girl skirt. She had left a note for me to do my make up and put on the socks and Mary Jane shoes. I knew to do my hair and put in pink bows.

I waited for her to call back and soon she did and told me that we were going to the mall for some new things. I had never been out of the house in girls clothes. She said come she was waiting and she did not like to wait. I almost ran but knew young ladies do not run so I hurried and came to the front door. Mistress said I looked very pretty. She told me that Carla was coming to pick us up and i was to let her in when she arrived. Since she had not told me to move I waited by the door for Carla to arrive.

Carla got here about thirty minutes after I was told to wait for her. Carla is a woman who love to humiliate sissies in public. Since this was my first time out with them I knew she would be hard on me. I opened the door and curtsied and kissed her out reached hand. She laughed at my attempt to kiss her hand properly. Carla pointed and twirled her finger which meant I was to turn for her inspection. She lifted my skirt and said "my we have a cute little butt, maybe we need to get you some new toys for that butt". I said nothing and she slapped my butt hard and said don't you think you meed that toy sissy? I said yes Ma'am.

We walked out only to find she had parked two blocks away. They told me to go before them and I was to wiggle my cute butt for them. I wiggled as best I could. Mistress said I might need some four inch heels to get a better wiggle. I said yes Mistress. I was shaking like a leaf as I saw two women walking toward us. Of course Mistress had to stop to talk to them. One of them kept looking at me and soon said aren't you Danny Jones that used to be the quarterback for the High School team? Mistress said answer her sissy. I said yes Ma'am. The woman was Betty who I dated for a few months and dumped for another girl. She broke into a laughter that made me almost cry. Mistress told her that she was the one that Betty had left her for. Betty said well I must be allowed to get even don't you think. Mistress gave her our address and told her to call and come by and that she could do as she pleased with me. Betty walked away saying I will call soon. I was so shaken that I almost wet my panties. Mistress ask what was my problem. Knowing I could not lie I told her how I was shaken and was almost ready to wet myself.

We got in the car I sat in the back middle so she could watch me in the rear view mirror. They kept talking about what they should buy for my punishment. We arrived at the mall and I was so afraid I would be found out. I had to walk in front of them again. Mistress told me to stop in front of a store that sold adult toys. She said for me to go in and be a good little girl or I would be spanked in the store. The humiliation began right away. Carla told the woman at the counter that I was a naughty girl and they were looking for a good toy for me. She studied me for a minute and ask Mistress if she could check me out. Of course Mistress said yes and the girl walked up and lifted my skirt and pulled down the front of my panties and said I see why you are a sissy. That thing would not please anyone. She told Mistress she had thought of a clamp for my thing but they did not come in extra small. One lady waked by and said Oh my god I thought my sissy was small. She called her husband over who was dressed in a little girl party dress and was told to show his thing. He lifted his dress and lowered his white cotton panties and they all had a laugh on he and I.

The whole day went to my humiliation.

Sissy Ann

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