My given name was Donald I had been working at a shop that made waist clinches for use by women that wanted to make their waist smaller. They mostly would start with one that would draw their waist in one or two inches. Then they would buy one smaller and so on until they got their waist so small that they would look like an hour glass.

The lady I work for was from England and she was so pretty, her body was in my mind perfect, She had as one would expect it was twenty inches and her legs, I still get excited over when she would walk before me. I also must say her ever part was very beautiful. I often watched men look at her walking away from them they would move their heads with the sway of her hips. Some times she would turn around quickly to see them looking her direction with their hand in their pockets.

I must admit I to would watch her and have dreams that would cause my sheet to have a wet spot in the morning. I had never have in a million years dreamed of what was to come of my life. It began one June morning as she and I were the only ones in the shop, the others all were on vacation. I don't to this day know if she had set things up that way. We both arrived at seven and I worked at my design desk. I had just made a few lines when she walked into my area and ask me to come to her office. I thought "why would she want me to come to her office". When I arrived Darlene said that she thought that since I designed Cinches for women she expected I should know how they feel and work. I was or a while wondering where this conversation was going but soon realized that she was wanting me to wear one of the garments. She had a demanding tone that caused me to want to get up and run not walk out the door. I did stay a bit to long. She had explained herself in a way that I was soon saying I would try one on. She insisted that it take place right now and that she had one in a case on the desk. She pointed at the case and said open it.

I stood and opened it only to see one of my own designs. It had lots of ruffles and bows. It was pink and had straps that held up stockings and a breast lift bra section. She said I was to pick it up and see how my design felt. I lifted it up and it was light but very soft. Darlene told me to put it on. I turned to go to the dressing room when she said "here" it was her tone that made me turn back to her and say yes in a quivering voice. I removed my outer wear and started to put it on. Darlene stopped me and said that it was a female garment and did I think that women would be wearing those awful white men's diaper looking under pants. I said no I don't think so. She pointed to a pair of Rumba panties that were on a stand by the wall. I walked to them they were the same color as the Chinch. I got to say I nervous and shaking like a little girl.

I removed my underwear and with her watching put on the panties. When I turned back to her my manhood was poking out and she got up and she walked to me. Believe me I wanted to run out of that room screaming. But my feet would not obey my brain. She pulled down the panties and with a fast flick of her finger I felt the pain and my penis went limp. Her face had a look of winning on it and she turned and walked away. As she walked she said stop looking at my ass. I said yes ma'am and she then walked not to her desk but the cabinet and she came back to me with some artificial breast that we sold to our customers. I must admit I had felt them often when no one was at the shop. She removed the plastic shields and carefully placed each one to my chest. I did not have much if any hair on my chest so they stuck on tightly. She pulled them to make sure the stuck tight. She commented that she always wanted to see if they would stay on for ten days without coming loose.

My mind went wild thinking how am I going to get them off before going home. She then put the Chinch on me pulling it so tight I thought I would never be able to breath with this on. Surprisingly I was not to uncomfortable in the Chinch at first, not long after it was on I wanted out of it. I ask her if I could remove it and she said "no" and then produced a blouse and skirt. She commented on how i had very little hair and ask if i shaved it off. I said no ma'am. As I said that I thought of the times I had read letters to Petticoat Discipline and it was then I knew what was going on. Darlene seem to be reading my mind. Darlene said I have been looking at the history of your computer and saw you liked reading some letters from a site that only a sissy would read or a Mistress like myself. I saw how women turned even good looking guys like yourself into sissy slaves. When I watched you around the shop I saw that you liked to feel the materials that are used to make our products. So I put two and two together and knew you would be a good sissy for me to use as I wanted. She then ask " was I wrong" she looked deep into my eyes as she ask me that. I bowed my head and said No Ma'am. She corrected me by saying you mean Mistress don't you sissy. I answered her yes Mistress Darlene. She smiled and said that the other employees are off for a week and you will be fully trained by the time they return. Donald will no longer be working here and Samantha will be our new designer. Don't you just love my plan Samantha? I answered with a soft yes Mistress.

The whole week was used to train me to be her sissy designer. She also had me move into her house and at home I became her maid and housekeeper. During the day I was trained to be a sexy woman and at night s a wash woman and maid. My life is full of being her sissy slave. She has a large screen television and it is connected to her computer. We sit for long hours reading your site and she will often say "you could do that couldn't you. I always answer "if that is what you want Mistress".

No one at work to my knowledge knows that under the sexy clothes that I am Donald they all seem to go with the thinking I am Samantha Long.

Thank you for receiving my letter Mistress says we will be sending more for your enjoyment. Tomorrow we will be going on our vacation to the beaches in Florida.


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