from Simon

Dear Auntie Helga,

I am writing to you for the first time because I have told to by my Wife who is now my Mommy, we have been married for 8 yrs and for the first 5 yrs of the marriage it was just like a normal marriage except that I had hidden a secret from her.

The secret that I hid was that I would dress up as a baby girl when she was away working nightshift. The way I got around it was that we had a suitcase with what she thought was fancy dress clothes from a party we had attended a few years back, what she didn't know was that I had been adding other items to the suitcase over the years and that I now had a full baby outfit in the case. In the case I have 3 frilly pink and yellow baby dresses, pink petticoat, pink and white frilly tights, 4 pairs of frilly socks, 2 baby bonnets, mittens and 5 pairs of Frilly baby panties with plastic lining and about 6 terry nappies.

Every time she would go to work I would pull out the case and then set out my baby outfit and then have a bath. Once I had the bath I would dry myself lay out the nappies and pin them on the get dressed as a baby girl and spend the rest off the night playing with some toys or watching cartoons. This went on for 5 years with a few close encounters over that time but I was still not caught until one day I was found out and this is when everything changed.

It was just like a normal weekday night for me Claire was off to work and I had set out all my baby clothes and was in the bathroom having a bath as I lay in the bath dreaming off what I was going to wear tonight I thought I heard movement in the house sitting up and listening I then heard nothing else grabbing my earphones for my cd player and listening to some music I closed my eyes and listened as I lay in the bath, it was then I got the shock off my life as I opened my eyes to see my wife standing in the door way holding the yellow baby dress in one hand and a pair off matching panties in the other. She had came home because she was suffering from a really bad headache.

"Simon why are these lying out is there something you're not telling me?" said Claire, thinking for a moment I came out with a reply that I thought would work not releasing one thing "no it is just the fancy dress clothes from the suit case I was just having a look" I said. "oh is that right, if I remember right there was only one dress in the suitcase when we put it in the cupboard now there are 3 and if you're just looking at them why is there a full outfit set out on the bed and 3 nappies folded on the bed with nappy pins next to it hmmm" said Claire putting her hands on her hips, I had totally forgot I had set the nappy out already.

Thinking I couldn't get away with it now I just came clean to Claire and as I sat in the bath and told her, I could see the shock and anger in her face grow. At the end off the confession she turned and walked away I jumped out the bath and headed to the bedroom where I heard banging and rummaging about. When I went in I seen all my baby clothes on the floor and Claire putting her clothes into the case. "I am going to stay with my sister for a while don't contact me I will let know when/if I am coming back, with that she left.

Feeling sorry for myself I put all my baby clothes into another bag and put them in the cupboard. It was 2 weeks before I heard from Claire again and it was a shock what happened.

When Claire came back with her sister I was told that I had 2 choices I either do as she and her sister Anna wants or we file for divorce. Because I loved my wife I didn't want the second option and asked what the first was. Well to say I was shocked by the end was an understatement as I shall now explain.

It turns out that Claire and her sister had come up with an idea and that I had no choice to take it or she was leaving. "right Simon here it is, if you want me to stay with you there are going to be some changes around here, From now one you will do all the housework and I mean everything. but that's not all you will now be dressed as a baby girl all the time since you like it so much 24/7 365 days a year and when I am at work you will no longer be left in the house by yourself, my sister will baby sit you, You will be in nappies all the time too and there will be no excuses. If anyone comes to visit you will be wearing what you are wearing at that time I don't care who it is and you will now be called Sissy Simon" said Claire

I stood there in shock and released that if I wanted the marriage to work again I had to obey and nodded my head after that I was led into the bedroom and put into my new clothes and nappies.

That was 3 years ago and I am still dressed as a baby all the time and sleep in a crib at night, I also don't change my own nappies but must clean and serve drinks to my mommy and auntie when the require them. I also have about 4 new outfits and new nursery.

I have many other experiences but I shall leave them for another letter as this one is getting a bit long

Yours in babyland

Thank you for your letter Simon. This just goes to show what happens when you keep secrets from your wife and now you are out in the open as the sissy you are.

Auntie Helga

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