from Janet

Dear Auntie Helga,

My late wife wrote to you a couple of times, but she has now passed and I have remarried. My wife is a lovely woman and has carried on my late wife's practice of female domination. I am now called Janet at all times, and in all occasions friends and neighbors are now calling me by that feminine name. I find this very humiliating but extremely exciting at the same time.

I introduced chastity to my late wife she did use it as punishment at times but she much preferred a good old fashioned caning. My new wife just loves the chastity idea and I now posses a small collection of them. Her favorite is a flat feminine front belt that gives me a nice flat front panty line. My wife thinks that with the device on I am no longer a man and should no longer expect or need intercourse. She has had long talks with me on how I should embrace my status and appreciate being allowed to serve her with my mouth.

At home I wear a very feminine apron over panties and a simple pair of mid heeled pumps. When her friends drop by I must remain clad in this humiliating outfit. Her two adult daughters know of my situation and encourage it. Her oldest daughter is a single lady in her 40's and dates quite a bit. She has encouraged her mother to date a man for dinner and dancing. My wife has met this man and she has told him about me and my situation he of course thinks it is quite funny and has suggested that she must be needing sex from a real man. She assures me she has declined his invitations and as long as I can keep her happy using my oral skills she will remain faithful.

Helga I am worried that there will become a time when her need for penetrative sex will draw her into his bed. She has already mentioned that as a non male I have no reason to expect fidelity. This marriage is a late in life relationship and is only a couple of years old. My wife has stated that she loves me and could not want a better partner but she has also said that as a sissy I must understand the from time to time a woman does need a man. How am I to take this?


Thank you for your letter Janet. Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. I am however delighted to learn that your wonderful new wife ensures your subservience continues. I understand how many women enjoy the services of their sissy husband while at the same time wish to enjoy the pleasures only a real man can bring, if she takes these men as lovers only, everybody has a good time and your relationship can remain intact.

Auntie Helga

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