from Greg

Dear Auntie Helga,

Tonight Brenda gave me another example of her superiority when I found my credit card was denied so I had to pay for my gas with cash. When I got home Brenda reminded me that she consolidated all the credit cards last month but never gave me the new one. My debit card didn't work either with Brenda controlling all the finances.

She was quick to pressure me into getting out of my suit and into a dress leaning on my every step of the way. While helping make dinner Brenda's mother walked in causing me to feel humiliated in front of her. She is not only my future mother in law but also the CEO of the company we work for. She looked me up and down before telling Brenda to get rid of the hair on my legs. Brenda's mother didn't stay for dinner but before she left she reached up under my dress and squeezed my balls so hard I had tears in my eyes.

After Brenda's mother left she looked at me asking if I believe it now when I said yes Brenda. She told me to make sure I shave my legs before bed then changed her mind telling me to shave everything itemizing legs, armpits, chest and pubic area. I looked at her with disbelief when she asked if there was a problem with that demand. I said no Brenda. She put me to work cleaning the kitchen then the bathrooms. I moved all my sissymaid clothes to the closet upstairs and replaced my underwear with my new panties, bras and stockings. Brenda told me although this is hard for me so far in time I will realize it is for the best that I serve like the other men in the family have done for years.

Auntie Helga I guess my questions have changed from how to get out of this to what should I be doing from here forward. I can now see there is no way to avoid this as Brenda and her mother have outplayed me. I don't want to be a sissymaid at all but I realize already that what I want doesn't matter to Brenda and her mother. It isn't about having a maid to Brenda like I thought last night. It's about her having control of a man that she can make do anything she wants. The maid part is the icing on the cake for her. She wants me to serve her as though she is a queen. The women of the family are very powerful and I am no match for them.

Brenda's mother terrifies me now like never before and I will do whatever Brenda tells me to do to avoid a conflict with her mother.


Thank you for your letter Greg. Now things are changing quicker for you and that's good, no need to wait. I hope you will begin to see this for what it is, an opportunity, a way to show her your love and devotion by sacrificing yourself. There is really only one way to proceed and that is obedience. You really are no match for them and that's okay, why try to be, they want you submissive, so be that.

Auntie Helga

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