from Ruth

Dear Helga,

I now have James in a skirt. Yesterday was very difficult for me and him. I was exposed to quite a lot of emotion from him, and to be fair, a flowery skirt is the normal garment for a girl, and not what you would expect a boy to wear. He cried profusely until Amy managed to persuade him to try the skirt on, saying how it was no big deal for a boy to wear a skirt. I told him that both Amy and I loved him and were so grateful that he was helping by wearing her old clothes. Eventually he came around and Amy put the skirt on him and found a pair of her white praline socks for him to wear. She told him that he looked okay, and I think that helped him a lot. The day then went well and they both played nicely together.

Amy helped James get dressed this morning, and he didn't kick up about wearing the skirt. She has said to me, on the quiet, that she doesn't think that it is right that when James's skirt rides up, you can see that he is wearing boys underpants. She says that it doesn't look right, and he should be wearing girl's knickers. I have said to Amy, and I am sure that you will agree, that it is not necessary for him to wear girl's knickers, as they are a very personal garment for us girls. Despite what I say she says that it is still right for him to wear them,

Whilst I know that most of what James is wearing are girl's clothes, I just do not want to overstep the mark. I am sure that you will understand what I am saying and would be grateful of your comments.


Thank you for your letter Ruth. I know it must have been traumatic for him and you but in few days it will seem perfectly normal. Amy is a real treasure, her encouragement is so helpful and in this case, I agree with her about the girl's knickers, I don't feel its going too far and it makes perfect sense as the next logical step.


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