from Monica

Dear Helga,

May I say thank you so much for maintaining such a wonderful website. I have learned so much from you and the readers over the few last years. From a young age my mother taught me to take charge of my life and those it in. When Millie and I were married my mother reminded me to take charge again. It wasn't long before I sissified my husband Millie even though she resisted continuously. I started off slowly like many of your readers suggested however my hand was always firm. The more Millie resisted the stronger I became which led to her submission in the end. Once I had Millie where I wanted her the feminization started full force. My intention was to put so much pressure on her there was nothing she could do except obey me. The more I read your reader's letters the more confident I became.

Today Millie looks more feminine than ever before and I am not done yet Helga. Milie is scheduled for a consultation this Friday to have breast augmentation. My question to you Helga since I hadn't seen others talk about this is breast size. What are your thoughts on sissymaids with breasts and the correct size? I want Millie to have breasts large enough so they can never be hidden during outings. Of course much it has to do with her build and how much extra skin she has for breasts. Millie lost quite a bit of weight over the last couple of years so she does have excess skin for breasts.

I would love to hear back from you at some point.


Thank you for your letter Monica. Congratulations on helping your husband to realize her true calling and accepting the opportunity of being your submissive sissymaid. Mother certainly knows best doesn't she?

I would agree that sissymaids should have breasts and for me, a normal to a cup size larger are best, the body dictates what's possible, though of course you could go very big I feel its best to keep things within reason, she is a sissymaid, not a stripper or porn star and she still has to work. In my opinion anyway. I recommend you rely on the clinic's suggestions.


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