Twelve year old Martin was out playing in the woods near his home one day during his school summer holidays when he thought he saw a plane crash down in the woods nearby, out of curiosity he went deeper in the woods to see, his little eyes popped out when he saw what looked like a flying saucer that was glowing red but looked intact. Suddenly a door opened and out walked three figures that appeared human but were of dark grey in colour with eyes that appeared to be narrow slits, they approached Martin who had frozen with fear but seemed to offer him no harm. One of the grey figures spoke to Martin. not in a voice but a kind of telepathy that Martin understood and told him that they would like him to help them in an experiment that can only work under a red sun like this planet Earth, they continued to explain that on their planet witch is called Zom, there was a shortish of boys and they think they have invented a machine that would correct the problem, we call it a molecule machine they explained, where boys enter the machine for a few minuets and come out as a girl, it will do you no harm and once we can see that it works we will change you back to a boy, we will of course reward you for your help by granting you one super power, the grey one said.

Martin thought for a minute, thinking it could do no harm and thinking of the super power he would have to show off to his friends. Marin agreed and was led into the spaceship where they took off all his clothes and placed Martin in the machine and turned it on, its flashed and buzzed a while and after it had stopped Martin walked out with a body of a twelve year old girl. Pleased that the experiment was a success Martin asked if he could be changed back into a boy again but the spaceman told him, that they was sorry but they haven't perfected a reversal yet and he would have to remain a girl until they return with a cure and his supper power they promised him. Blimey, Martin thought, how can I explain to my mom that I am now a girl, she will never believe that a spaceman did this to me.

Martin was left naked in the woods as the spacecraft roared off and had no choice but to walk home and knocked on his front door, his mom answered and was surprised to see a naked young girl standing there and asked her who she was. Mom, it's me your son Martin a spaceman turned me into a girl she said.

Martins mom took the girl inside and told her, before you tell me anymore We had better get some clothes on you and told her to sit there while she finds some of her daughters clothes to wear, she came down with a bungle of clothes and dressed the girl in a pair of panties, a dress and some shoes, then listened to her story telling her that you can't be called Martin anymore, I will call you Martina.

Mom thought to herself, this is strange the girl looks a lot like Martin, she knows a lot about him, she knows mine and his dads names so it must be true, Martin has been turned into a girl, Well Marti er Martina until they return and turn you back into a boy you will have to become my daughter but don't worry Martina I will teach you everything on how to be a good little girl and the first thing we will do is to go shopping to buy you all a teenage girl will need including a new schoolgirl uniform for your new girls school.

The End (or the start).
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