by Ali

David lay awake for quite some time. He heard his aunt and cousins arrive, and the merriment that ensued when they did. Although he didn't really like his cousins, he wished he were downstairs with them, rather than in bed in a nappy and plastic pants. He wondered what his mother had said to explain him being in bed so early, and hoped that whatever she'd said it didn't include her telling them that he'd been put into a nappy. And then he thought about his little sister, who he'd been tormenting all day. What was the chance of her not delighting in telling their cousins about his babyish fate? He finally drifted off into a troubled sleep.

He woke up early in the morning, desperate for a wee. Now he was torn. He really didn't want to wet his nappy. But he certainly didn't want to get up before his mother came in, as she'd told him he'd earn another spanking if he did. He tried to concentrate on something else, but eventually the pressure in his bladder became unbearable, and he knew he had no choice. He relaxed and flooded his nappy.

Five minutes later his mother came in. "Good morning, David," she chirped. "How are you this morning? Have you managed to stay dry for Mummy, or have you wet your nappy?"

He blushed beet red, not least because as she said it he saw Daisy walk past his open bedroom door and look in at him, grinning. He now knew his mother had told them about him being put back into a nappy.

He tried to say nothing, but his mother persisted, and he had to admit "Yes, Mummy. I've wet my nappy".

She smiled at his humiliating confession, and told him to go to the bathroom, brush his teeth, and then wait for her to come and take his wet nappy off for him. He hung his head as he got out of bed and trotted off to the bathroom in just his pyjama top, nappy and plastic pants. As luck would have it, his sister and cousins were sat in Lucy's bedroom, and giggled as the poor boy walked past. If there had been any doubt about everyone knowing about his nappy, there certainly wasn't now.

When he'd brushed his teeth, had his plastic pants pulled down and his wet nappy removed, he showered and was lead back to his bedroom by his mother. "I think it's best, David, if I put you into another nappy. I don't want you wetting your pants, especially as we're all trying to enjoy Christmas Day. So, lie on your bed and let's get you ready to come downstairs and enjoy Christmas."

He couldn't believe what his mother was saying. From having been sent to bed early and having a nappy on because he wasn't allowed out of his room, he was now facing the awful prospect of being put into another nappy in case he wet his pants! He'd never wet his pants!

"No, Mummy!" he protested. "I don't need a nappy on. I'm not going to wet my pants! I only wet my nappy because you made me go to bed so early. I can't wear a nappy again!"

He saw his mother's face change, and he immediately knew he was in trouble. She grabbed his arm and hauled him across her lap. "You're a naughty boy, and now you're not only going to have a nappy on today, but you're going to have your bottom spanked again too." And with that she proceeded to administer another sound spanking to his bare bottom.

When she'd finished spanking him he meekly lay on his bed and allowed her to put another nappy, and his plastic pants, on him. She popped a t-shirt over his head and told him to come downstairs. He begged to be allowed a pair of shorts to cover his nappy and plastics, but his mother said "No, you can't have your shorts on because I can't stand the fuss of taking them down all the time to check if you've wet your nappy again. And anyway, you've got a couple of presents which will mean you don't need your shorts. Now come on downstairs."

He wasn't at all sure what his mother meant by that, but did as he was told anyway. The joy and excitement he'd been expecting for Christmas morning was completely wiped out by the humiliation of appearing in front of his aunt and cousins in a t-shirt, nappy and plastic baby pants.

After breakfast they all went through to the lounge where the presents were set out under the tree. The three girls were all in their pretty dresses, and David felt even more humiliated in his babyish nappy and plastics. His mother started proceedings by handing David the first parcel. "This is for you, David. It wasn't bought for you, but your sister has very generously said you can have it. Here you are..."

He nervously took it, not sure what his mother meant. As everyone watched on he unwrapped his present. He had hoped for a Manchester United tracksuit, but it quickly became apparent that it wasn't that. As he tore the paper off he saw red corduroy. With everyone looking on he pulled the item out of the paper and saw that it was a pinafore dress. He looked completely confused.

"Isn't that a pretty dress, David?" asked his mother. "Come here and let me put it on you. I told you you wouldn't need your shorts. Your new dress will cover your nappy and plastic pants, and I'll still be able to check when you've wet your nappy nice and easily."

Not wanting another spanking he took the dress over to his mother and stepped into it as she held it out for him. She did the straps up over his shoulders and smoothed the dress down over his bottom. His aunt beamed at him, and his cousins and sister giggled again.

"But that's not all, David. We don't want you getting cold legs, so here's another present for you." His mother handed him another parcel, much smaller this time. Embarrassed and humiliated at wearing a dress, David now unwrapped it. It was a pair of white ribbed tights.

He knew what was coming next, and he meekly accepted being told how to roll them up and poke his toes into them to put them on. His mother helped him pull them up over his nappy and baby pants.

"And finally," his mother said, "have this." She handed him another parcel, this time even smaller than the last. He unwrapped it to find a pair of frilly knickers, which his mother held out for him to step into, and then pulled up over his tights. She once again smoothed down his dress and then admonished, "Your dress is a bit short for you, I'm afraid, David. And you'll need to be careful when you bend over or sit down, because the girls might see your knickers. But at least I can check your nappy nice and easily to see if you've wet yourself again. Now, let's get on with everyone else's presents."

And so, in a nappy and plastic baby pants, tights, knickers and a little red dress, David faced his ultimate Christmas humiliation.

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